Alan Cummings Parents

The realities of Mr. Cumming tormented youth will be a shocking surprise to anybody who only knows him from his sleazy stage and movie character. Among Alan Cummings Parents, one was the sunlight, while the other was the eclipse.

Alan Cumming has portrayed himself as a wild countercultural person throughout his career. 

Alan Cumming is a Scottish actor, singer, and writer. He made his theatre debut as Slupianek in the Traverse Theatre.

His Hamlet swept the West End thirty years ago, and he was praised as “an actor knocking at the door of greatness.” Alan was very bold for playing Emcee, a pansexual character in Carabet back in the 90s.

He gradually upgraded to starring in Television series and eventually landed in Hollywood with Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion. Alongside, Alan made his novelist debut with Tommy’s tale: a novel in 2002.

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 Parents: Meet Mary Darling And Alex Cumming

The Good Wife star Alan Cummings Parents were vastly opposite to one another.

His mother, Mary Darling, was very supportive and caring toward his son. However, Alex Cumming, his father, had a violent nature.

Alan Cummings Parents
Alan Cummings Parents on their wedding day (Source: NY Times)

Mary Darling, his mother, worked as a secretary for an insurance firm. Cumming was raised on the Panmure Estate, close to Carnoustie on Scotland’s east coast, where his father, Alex Cumming, was the estate’s head forester.

In his autobiography Not My Father’s Son, he opened up about his childhood trauma. In the description of Alan Cummings Parents, the father is inflicting emotional and physical abuse on his son, Alan.

Alan Cummings Parents married life wasn’t roses and sunshine at all. Like the normal couple, Alan Cummings Parents had various complications, maybe even more.

Until his mother was financially independent, she found it very difficult to divorce his father.

Alas, Cumming had cut off communication with his father due to his violent nature. Nevertheless, Alan was a Who Do You Think You Are? After a long absence, his father got in touch.

In his early 20s, Alan was told he was not his father’s son, by non-other than his father, during his final year of drama school in Glasgow.

Later, Cumming took a DNA test and proved he was indeed the son of Alex Cumming, his father.

Sadly, Alan Cummings parents never got divorced. Not long after the DNA test results, Alex Cummings passed away. Alan could never tell that he was indeed his father’s son.

As a young boy, Cumming claimed that his rough upbringing taught him how to behave since he needed to hide his emotions and sentiments around his father.

Family And Ethnicity Of Alan Cumming

Aside from Alan Cummings Parents, he has a brother named Tom Cumming.

Alan Cummings Parents
Alan Cummings brother, Tom Cumming with his wife. (Source: Twitter)

Though Alan had to go to numerous psychotherapy due to his father’s violent, stressful nature, his brother Tom never harbored any negative behavior towards Alan. Tom is very supportive of him.

Cumming is from a Scottish descendant. Furthermore, Cumming became a dual-national as of November 7, 2008, and was sworn in as a United States citizen at a New York City ceremony.

His maternal grandfather Tommy Darling was a decorated war veteran who served his country with the Cameron Highlanders during World War II. Regarding politics, he is involved with Scottish National Party.

However, regarding his kid’s information, there is yet to be any for now. He has not mentioned them on social media or anywhere.

Is Alan Cumming Gay?

Sexuality-wise, he is bisexual.

Alan Cummings Parents
Alan Cumming together with his husband. (Source: Distractify)

As far as we know, Alan Cumming has been married twice. The musical actor married British model and actress Hilary Lyon in 1985. Later the couple got divorced in the year 1993.

Later, he married Grant Shaffer for the second time on January 7, 2012. They currently live together in the United States of America. The pair has been in a relationship since 2007 and is happily married.

Cumming has stated that he would like to adopt a child, but he says rearing a child is very difficult.

Net Worth of Alan Cumming

The Scottish actor Alan Cummings Net Worth grosses over $5 million, per the information from Celebrity Net Worth.

Cumming has previously acted in various plays, TV series, and films during his acting career.

In reality, he has appeared award-winning roles in theatre productions such as Accidental Death of an AnarchistThe BacchaeBent, and Hamlet.

 He has also acted in Broadway plays such as Design for LivingThe Threepenny Opera, and Cabaret.

Alan Cummings Parents
Alan Cumming Performing the canter in Cabaret. (Source: NY Times)

Likewise, he made his acting debut in the 1986 film Passing Glory. Six years later, he appeared in the film Prague. As a director, Cumming is known for his directorial work on the short films Burn Your Phone and Butter.

Alongside his acting career, he has written six novels now. And his book, Not My Father’s Son, landed on the #1 New York Times memoir.

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