Alejandro Guzman Murder

Alejandro Guzman Murder shocked the residents of Tulsa, as this marks Tulsa’s 59th homicide of 2016 and has shocked the people.

Tulsa Police arrested a fourth individual in the shooting murder of a man at Mohawk Park on Monday night, October 17, 2016.

Alejandro Guzman is charged with the murder of Wilbur Flores. He is reported to be involved in at least nine crimes. 

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This is the 59th homicide in Tulsa in 2016. The corpse was described as that of a Hispanic man in his forties who had been shot many times. He had been declared deceased by Police for some time.

Alejandro Guzman Murder Update: Who Was Arrested And Charged For Killing Of Wilbur Flores?

Wilmer Flores was discovered deceased along a road near the park’s entrance on October 12, 2016. Officers stated that other walkers found the man just off the road. They are seeking further proof.

Alejandro Guzman Murder Update
Alejandro Guzman Murder suspects (source: newson6)

According to TPD Sergeant Dave Walker, Wilmer Flores was slain in retribution for his brother stealing a black Ford Raptor from the gang of defendants involved in his killing.

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Earlier in his death, Alejandro Guzman, Jennifer Lopez, and Jose Flores were detained. Walker said they robbed numerous individuals and a restaurant earlier that day when Wilmer Flores was slain.

In the case of Wilmer Flores’ killing on October 12, 2016, Alejandro Santoyo Guzman, 20, was charged with first-degree murder. The prosecution sought a sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole.

“There was no justification to shoot the man, but they did. That is the cruelty and brutality this organization brought to Tulsa, “Walker stated.

FOX23 is discovering more about the alleged mastermind in the death of a Tulsa man last week in Mohawk Park.

According to Tulsa Police, Alejandro Guzman bonded out on serious robbery charges in Houston to return to Tulsa and inflict even more mayhem.

According to Walker, members of the Tulsa Fugitive Warrants team had been observing Banuelos’ residence and followed his automobile to the 4500 block of North Lewis, where he was apprehended.

Alejandro Guzman Murder Update: Who Were Victims Identified In Mohawk Park Homicide?

This morning, new information has been disclosed about a homicide victim discovered at Mohawk Park in North Tulsa on Wednesday.

Alejandro Guzman Murder
Alejandro Guzman Murder suspect (source: abc13)

According to Police, the victim’s brother stole a Ford Raptor vehicle on Wednesday afternoon. Later that day, the stolen vehicle was identified as a suspect in a burglary.

The victim’s brother was stopped and taken into custody for questioning. This is the 59th homicide in Tulsa in 2016 and the fourth this week.

Later, an armed robbery and carjacking occurred between 21st and Garnett—followed by a series of robberies until cops discovered the vehicle seized in the carjacking.

When authorities discovered the truck, they found Alejandro Guzman, Jose Flores, and Jennifer Lopez inside.

According to investigators, Flores allegedly declined to make a statement, while Guzman acknowledged one of the crimes and shooting weapons throughout the day. When authorities questioned him about the killing at Mohawk Park, he requested a lawyer.

Lopez allegedly informed authorities that he killed the victim after promising the victim’s brother they would deal with the first stolen automobile.

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