Alysia Reiner Husband

Netflix Orange is the New Black actress, Alysia Reiner has been in Hollywood for over a decade.

Together with Alysia Reiner husband, United 93 actor David Lan Basche, they form an excellent pair.

Mostly known for her character as Natalie “Fig” in Netflix’s Orange is the New Black series, Alysia has starred in various tv series, films, and theater.

Furthermore, she’s recognized for winning Obie Award for her performance in An Oak Tree, a conceptual artwork created by Michael Craig-Martin.

In addition, the actress has acted and produced the financial drama Equity.

Henceforth, the drama was brought at Sundance by Sony Pictures Classics and was released nationwide in the states.

Lately, Alysia appears in the FX COmedy Series, Better Things, as the newly divorced character Sunny, a best friend of the main character ‘Sam Fox’ played by Pamela Adlon.

Loving Alysia Reiner Husband: Meet David Alan Basche

The power couple has been married for solid [calculate_years datestring=”06/15/1997″] years.

David Alan Basche and Alysia Reiner became legal husband and wife on June 15, 1997.

David Alan Basche is known for his role as Todd Beam in the film United 93, but he has been in several TV comedies, dramas, and movies and films. He has been in the business for over a decade.

Alysia Reiner Husband
Alysia Reiner And David Alan Basche Adjustment Bureau Premiere. (Source: Wikimedia)

Raised in Hartford, Connecticut, Basche graduated from Emerson College in Boston, United States.

Likely, he changed his major to performing arts from communications.

Malcolm Baschinsky (father) and Joyce O. Basche birthed David on August 25, 1968. His father is a WWII Veteran.

Though there is no information regarding his siblings, it is speculated that he may have grown up with siblings in his hometown, Hartford.

Bache first acted in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer during his school days in 6th grade. Then he continued taking acting roles in the school plays as he upgraded his class.

Alysia Reiner’s husband, David, started his career acting in his late 20s. Now, he is an actor, producer, and director.

Oh Grow Up, a short sitcom, had a major role for David Alan Basche. He got a huge exposure from it. And hence, he continued taking on acting roles from then on.

Having appearances in Sex and the City 2 and The Vanishing of Sidney Hall, Alysia Reiner’s’s husband went on casting beside his wife in the 2018 Comedy film as the character Don. Additionally, the film was produced by his wife, Alysia Reiner.

Therefore, the popular actor and producer is also a theater actor. He has his role as a musical theater actor in multiple New York Theater and Reginal theaters.

Death of a Salesman, Romeo, Juliet Visiting Mr. Green, and Macbeth are some of his theater plays.

The couple revealed that she and Alysia Reiner’s husband met during a summer stock production of William Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night.

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How Many Kids Do Alysia Reiner Has?

Alysia Reiner and David Alan Basche have a daughter together. Her name is Livia Charles Basche.

Alysia gave birth to her daughter, Livia,, on December 5, 2008, in New York City.

Livia’s mother being a public face,, has prioritized her daughter’s safety from the public and has not revealed detailed information regarding her daughter.

Alysia Reiner Husband
Alysia Reiner and David Alan Basche with their daughter Livia Charles Basche. (Source: GettyImages)

Apart from her birthdate, there is no clue regarding her schooling, hobbies, and plan.

However, the couple brings along their daughter to their movie premiere sometimes.

She and Alysia Reiner’s husband are such good parents.

In the 2020 edition of PEOPLE’s Mom Talk, Alysia revealed a disciplining technique to stop her daughter’s tantrum. Surprisingly, to Alysia, it is better than spanking.

The sideways actress told whenever Livia throws a tantrum, the mother, Alysia takes a break for three minutes to calm herself in the bathroom. She adds that she can not parent effectively sometimes.

It is free guidance for moms to give themselves a break from everything and take their time.

Livia is Alysia Reiner’s husband and daddy’s princess. It was revealed that after her birth, her father Basche was showing off her following the same footstep as her mother.

In PEOPLE’s Mom Talk, the actress shares intense spousal intimacy is still vital after becoming a parent.

No wonder, their marriage bond is still strong till now for almost two decades.

Alysia Reiner Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the estimated Net Worth of Alysia Reiner is $4 Million.

Alysia Reiner has achieved a milestone after starting her career in an Off-Broadway theater play called Pentecost.

She made her film and Television debut in the same year, 1999.

Reiner has appeared in 30+ films, including, The Vicous Mind, Spider-Man: No Wat Home, The Girl in the Book, Arranged, and Sideways.

Altogether she has played on more than 50 shows as a regular cast, guest star, or in a recurring role, including the famous Natalie “Fig” in Orange Is The New Black.

Better Things actress announced the formation of Broad Street Pictures, which will develop films with strong female leads. Likely, Reiner’s net worth will double in some years.

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