Former high-profile CNN anchor Anjali Rao is an award-winning anchor who presented for CNN International based in Hongkong, spending two decades’ worth of life in journalism.

Anjali Rao is a professional anchor working for CNN as a morning breakfast news show, Sky Network, Channel 5, and SBS One public affairs program Lateline.

Additionally, she has hosted numerous programs, including The Project and Studio 10.

The anchor has been cast in The Real Housewives of Melbourne and was announced to be cast on Australian Survivor: Heroes V Villains, being placed on the Villains tribe.

Australian Survivor is a franchise of an American reality show named Survivor. The show follows a group of participants who are purposefully stranded in a remote area and must produce basic survival essentials for themselves.

The competitors participate in tasks to win prizes and avoid elimination. The participants are gradually eliminated from the game as their peers vote them out until only one remains to be granted the ultimate prize and dubs the “Sole Survivor.”

Is Anjali Rao Together With Her Husband Brett Gullen? Dating History

Former CNN anchor Anjali was married to Brett Gullan. Eventually, their marriage terminated because of a misunderstanding.

There is no information on Rao’s life before her marriage with former Anjali Rao’s husband, Brett Gullan.

Anjali Rao Husband
She and Anjali Rao’s Husband, Brett Gullan. (Source: Heraldsun)

Brett is rumored to be Anjali’s previous manager and business partner. The former have kids together. However, her son’s name remains unknown.

In 2013, she later on, met Jamie Darice. After divorcing Anjali Rao’s husband, she and Jamie were quite a couple.

However, we can speculate that Jamie Durice’s ex, Lisa Christe, probably found Jamie cheating on her with Anjali. But we need to be clearer on that.

Unfortunately, both of them split up in 2014. The reason has yet to be discovered.

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Later in 2017, Anjali began seeing Matt Wilkinson shortly. Their relationship was very strong, and it felt like no one could break them apart. But, like her previous relationships, this bond broke apart too.

Currently, Anjali Rao is dating Tim Hennessy. She revealed her new boyfriend at the launch of the European Hotel in St Kilda back in December 2021.

There is no further news regarding the newest couple’s engagement, marriage, or breakup. Both must be happy in their relationship, and Anjali must’ve found peace.

Is Anjali Rao Lesbian?

No, Anjali Rao is bisexual. She came out of the closet to co-star Kyla Kirkpatrick on the Real Housewives of Melbourne.

She explained how an unfortunate ex-partner revealed her secret when their divorce became chaotic.

Anjali Rao said, ‘I kept it hidden until a couple of years ago; I got out of the worst relationship of my life. And the person decided to destroy me by outing me to everybody.’

Kyla supported her statement by saying, ‘You know, your true friends don’t matter which way you swing. We love you no matter what!’

Anjali showed the camera in a segment of how she transformed the betrayal into something wonderful.

‘So, because that individual outed me, I decided to make the best of it. ‘I couldn’t be happier to be in this situation and be able to say, “I’m bisexual, and I love it,”‘ she remarked.

Anjali revealed she had to keep her lovers a secret while working as a CNN anchor.

Family of Anjali Rao

Anjali Rao was born in Hong Kong and had her primary education in England at Cobham Hall School in Kent and King’s School in Canterbury.

She later attended City University in London and earned a bachelor’s degree with honors in Sociology and Media Studies.

Her Father, Dr. Prithvi Raj Rao, was an Indian doctor from Bangalore who was born in Burma. He died abruptly when Anjali was approximately five years old, at the age of 55.

Cynthia, her mother, is from Bendigo, Victoria, Australia, and currently resides in the United Kingdom. However, Anjali returned to her mother’s roots and lived in Australia.

She is an Australian-Indian ethnicity having citizenship in Australia. She must’ve lived a happy life with her parents. And her family must be proud of her.

Anjali Rao Net Worth

Anjali’s net worth is estimated to be between $1 and $5 million. This sum is determined using the average yearly income of a reporter in Anjali’s job.

Anjali Rao Husband
Anjali Rao anchoring the SBS One public affair program Dateline aired on ONE HD and her heartfelt message before quitting Dateline. (Source: Daily Mail)

Anjali’s presenting abilities and million-dollar grin broaden her portfolio, and she has a promising future ahead of her.

Anjali Rao was frequently paid well, adding to her fortune in the millions.

She made the most of her money as an anchorwoman. Anjali managed to keep her personal life discreet.

At this moment, no information has been disclosed regarding Anjali’s possessions, although it is safe to presume that the famous reporter lives a lavish lifestyle.

Anjali has boasted about owning three yachts thanks to her flying jobs. She sure is a rich independent woman.

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