Does Skyler Cheat On Walt

In the television series Breaking Bad’, Anna Gunn plays the movie character ‘Skyler White. Everyone wants to know that, Does Skyler Cheat On Walt? 

Gunn earned recognition for her performance, with some critics calling her role the model for television anti-heroines.

An American crime Drama television series titled ‘Breaking Bad’ has five seasons and has delighted viewers with its fascinating storyline.

Anna is best known for playing Skyler White in Breaking Bad on-air from 2008–2013, for which she received two Primetime Emmy Awards in 2013 and 2014 for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series.

She wrote an opinion piece for The New York Times in August 2013 to discuss the negative perception of her personality.

In addition to playing Martha Bullock on HBO’s Deadwood from 2005 to 2006, Gunn had a recurring role as Assistant District Attorney Jean Ward on the ABC series ‘The Practice’ from 1997 to 2002.

Breaking Bad: Does Skyler Cheat On Walt With Ted?

When Walt defiantly comes back in during the third season of “Breaking Bad,” Skyler reacts by having an affair with Ted and coldly telling her husband that she cheated on him.

Does Skyler Cheat On Walt
Skyler Cheat On Walt in the third season of ‘Breaking Bad’.  ( Source: Quora)

Skyler lets Walt care for Holly even as her marriage breaks down and defends some of his behavior to her lawyer, who advises her to end her marriage to Walt.

Later, Skyler misleads him by sleeping with her boss Ted. When Skyler wounds his hand with a knife, the situation almost goes wrong.

Skyler and Walter Jr. are forced to split ways after Walt becomes a wanted man. Walt initially entered the medical companies for the proper purpose.

Skyler knows her husband is lying, so she starts the divorce process. Between Breaking Bad seasons 2 and 3, she discovers Walt is a drug user, but the real story is revealed in the season 3 premiere.

While it is evident to the audience that Skyler should leave Walt, she is unaware of his descent into evil. As a result, her reasons for remaining with Walt and using his money for laundering are somewhat realistic.

Skyler expresses her displeasure at Walt’s moral decline in several ways, including faking a suicide attempt and smoking while pregnant and around the kid. She also started having affairs with Ted Beneke, her supervisor.

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Relationship Timeline Of Skyler And Walt With Ted

Skyler gets her old position as Ted’s accountant back. Although Skyler returns, Ted feels a connection for her even if he has never made an outward motion.

He served as Skyler White’s previous boss and had a short-lived romantic relationship.

Does Skyler Cheat On Walt
Skyler and Walt are in relation with each other. ( Source: Quora )

Ted is courteous, honest, and charming; he does not mean to commit any crimes but only wants to defend his Father’s Company and its staff.

He admits to engaging in tax fraud to keep the business afloat, and everyone’s jobs after Skyler discovers irregularities in the Company’s financial records.

She had an affair with Ted in season three to exact revenge on Walt, but she declines his offer to leave some of her stuff at his House.

He insisted to Skyler that he would pay the money back after the IRS tax fraud event, but this may have just been a lie to get her to stop annoying him about it, as shown when he tries to restart the firm and rents a new Mercedes.

She eventually confesses to Walt that she never actually filed for divorce. She then begins to address his unlawful behavior by bringing up the fact that spouses cannot be coerced into giving false testimony.

Skyler suggested that Walt utilize the car wash where he used to work to launder his drug money and offers to take care of the books.

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