Rock star Britney Spears posted an open letter to her 15-year-old son Jayden James Federline following his comments regarding her mental health and his desire for reconciliation. In a conversation with ITV, Jayden stated that he had “no animosity” for his mother. He expressed a desire to visit her once “she gets better.” In a lengthy response, Britney reminded Jayden of the oppressive conservatorship. The one that her father Jamie had placed her under for several years. Britney opened out about her trauma while Jamie Spears and his legal team. They were in charge of her finances, music, and other elements of her life during the conservatorship.

Britney’s Reaction

She went on: “I finally tell my son Jayden that I send him all the love in the world for the rest of his life at the age of 40, free from the constraints imposed by what my family did to me. My love for my children knows no bounds, so it upsets me greatly to learn that he felt I fell short of his standards for a mother.”

Before aiming ex-husband Kevin, the actress said she hoped to address his opinions openly during a face-to-face meeting one day. And claimed she had taken care of him for the previous 15 years.

She then spoke about her ex-husband, who had been out of work for a long time and depended on her income. “I assisted your father, who has been jobless for 15 years… I imagine not having someone check up on you to ensure you are doing your assignments is more straightforward for you guys. There’s no doubt that your dad’s daily marijuana use helps you, even at age 15, blend in with the hippest generation. As I had to play the perfect role for 15 years for nothing, I entirely understand your urge to live with your father, she wrote.

After adding that she had taken on all of her professional obligations to support her children, she continued: “It’s disgusting to see your father act hypocritically by criticizing the media while having you discuss my private matters with them!

“If you could pause for a second, consider your origins! I hope you can see yourself in the mirror and realize that you will always be my kid.

Were The Kids Invited To Her Wedding?

In the interview, Jayden explained why he and his brother Sean Preston did not go to their mother’s wedding to Sam Asghari earlier this year. He said in the ITV interview that it was an appropriate time to see her and that only the boys were invited, not the entire family. Jayden said he didn’t see how their attendance could have concluded amicably.

Sam Asghari and Britney Spears first worked together in a music video for her track Slumber Party in 2016. The couple married in June of this year after declaring their engagement toward the end of last year. Britney also announced her pregnancy this year, which resulted in a miscarriage.

What is Britney Spears' net worth?

Britney’s estimated net worth is $60 Million as per 2022

Who is Britney Spears' married to?

Britney is married to Sam Asghari in an intimate gathering in June this year.

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