Carlos Cuevas

One thing many fans wonder is if Carlos Cuevas has a wife. His fans have always been curious about his romantic ties.  

Cuevas is a Spanish television, film, and theater Actor. He is widely known for his work in the Catalan television series Ventdelplà and Merlí.

He made his debut in the industry in 2009 through the role of Dani in the film Cruzando el límite. In addition, back in 2011, he shared the stage of Teatre Borràs with Clara Segura [es; ca] and Montse Vellvehí.

A year later, he became the cast member of the first season of Luna, el misterio de Calenda. Carlos shared the screen with the actors like Olivia Molina and Álvaro Cervantes.

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 Does Carlos Cuevas Have A Wife? Married Life

Carlos Cuevas does not have a wife as he is not married. During his interview with The World in 2018, he stated that he has not been with anyone since he started his career.

At the time, he also added that he does not have a girlfriend as he works and has little time. Likewise, in August 2022, a note stated that he valued his privacy the most.

Carlos Cuevas in Smiley with his co-star
Carlos Cuevas in Smiley with his co-star (Source: El Confidencial)

He does not want the whole world to know who he is with or who he lives with. His fans might never know anything about the Actor’s romantic ties as he greatly values his privacy.

In addition, Cuevas likes to keep his life behind the camera a mystery.

Carlos Cuevas Gay Rumors: Sexuality Explored

The rumors of Carlos Cuevas possibly being gay started circulating after he pursued the character of in the fiction Pol Rubio. Followingly, he again played a gay character from the miniseries “Someone’s Gotta Die.”

After continuous speculations about his sexuality, he indicated that the rumors were wrong. In his 2020 interview, he said it is nice to play different characters.

He also added that an Actor’s sexual orientation is not an obstacle. Cuevas plays another gay character, Alex, a hunky bartender and gym enthusiast.

Alex mistakenly calls Bruno while he is trying to call his ex. This is the foundation of the whole show.

Carlos Cuevas Net Worth As Of [current-year]

The estimated net worth of Carlos Cuevas is approx. $5 Million, as of [current-year]. He is a well-known name in the acting industry and has appeared in many movies and TV series.

Carlos Cuevas
Carlos Cuevas started his career at the age of 7 (Source: Homosensual)

Starting his career in minor roles, he is now one of the lead characters on the Netflix series Smiley. Over the years, Cuevas has won several hearts with his fabulous performance on the screen.

In 2020, he appeared in another three-part Netflix series named Someone Has to Die. In the series, he played the role of Alonso Aldama.

Cuevas was seven when he debuted in 2003 in the Catalan TV movie La Dona De Gel. Meanwhile, Someone Has to Die was his first international production.

The Actor made his English-speaking debut in 2021 through the eight-part historical series Leonardo. Though he started his career at a young age, he says he was lucky not to feel external pressure for a long time.

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