Carly Lawrence Boyfriend

People search for Carly Lawrence’s Boyfriend, Bennett Sipes, as they are rumored to be married.

Carly Lawrence is a TV reality personality, model, and social media influencer. She rose to prominence due to the Netflix dating reality program Too Hot to Handle.

She has done modeling work. She was a brand ambassador for Jaclyn Cosmetics, Sherri Hill, and Kavya, among other firms. Hayley Elsaesser, a well-known Toronto fashion business, has also utilized her as a model.

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She also has a YouTube account where she publishes makeup and fashion-related videos. Her YouTube channel now has 14k subscribers.

Is Carly Lawrence Married To Her Boyfriend Bennett Sipes?

Carly Lawrence and Bennett Sipes married on Friday, May 20, 2022, in an intimate ceremony in Los Angeles. She began dating Sipes in December 2021 after splitting from Joey Joy, her co-star from Too Hot To Handle season 2.

Carly Lawrence Boyfriend
Carly Lawrence with Her Boyfriend Bennett Sipes (Source: Okmagazine)

She and Sipes made their romance Instagram public on Christmas Day. She shared a snapshot of the two of them kissing.

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The newlyweds were surrounded by friends, other influencers, and Too Hot co-stars for their wedding. At the ceremony, Sipes, 27, wore a traditional black tuxedo, and Lawrence, 24, wore a strapless beaded wedding gown with a sweetheart neckline.

Lawrence made her Netflix debut on Season 2 of Too Hot to Handle last year when she fell in love with fellow participant Joey Joy. According to Screen Rant, she disclosed in August that they split up after Joy, 24, cheated on her.

Bennett Sipes was featured in the second season of Love Island’s American edition in 2020. From season 3 of the program, he dated Leslie Golden. In November, Golden, 25, confirmed their breakup on TikTok.

Carly Lawrence Relationship Timeline Explored

Carly and Chase from Too Hot To Handle had chemistry from the start. Chase entered the room to kiss Carly, but she hit her head on the wall near the couch.

Carly Lawrence Boyfriend
Carly Lawrence Dating Joey Joy (Source: Youtube)

Peter Vigilante persuaded Melinda Melrose and Carly to play rock-paper-scissors for a kiss since they both wanted to kiss him. He eventually kissed both ladies.

She and Robert Van Tromp went on a date, but it didn’t work out. During the date, she stated. “You are aware that I am seeing someone in the House.” Unfortunately for Robert, this would be a recurring trend until he met Christina.

She sat down with Chase for a one-on-one conversation after her date with Robert. She told him the truth about flirting but admitted that she had told Robert about Chase. He said that he was concerned she might do anything with Robert.

Things between the Too Hot To Handle actors eventually faded, but Joey joined the cast in episode 6. “I feel so happy with him,” she says.

She visited Miami for a lengthy period, from around January to mid-February of 2021, according to her Instagram. Joey resides in Miami, so it’s safe to assume they were spending time together.

The Too Hot To Handle pair appeared to have split between April after Carly departed Miami. Joey shared various images that alluded to their breakup, including an Instagram remark that said, “Certified Lova boii,” along with a broken heart emoji.

Carly Lawrence Job, Net Worth & Salary Explored

Carly Lawrence lives a luxurious lifestyle thanks to her successful professional career as a TV personality, model, and dancer.

She started as a model and worked up to competing in “Too Hot to Handle” season two.

Her main income sources are her modeling contracts and her appearances on TV. By 2021, she should have a net worth of $200k, including all her earnings.

Her endorsement deals with well-known businesses giving her extra revenue. She supplemented her income by charging $9.99 a month for membership on the Onlyfans website and keeps track of everything on

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