The professional gridiron footballer Chad Kellys is blessed to have the back of his supportive parents, Charlene Kelly and Kevin Kelly. 

Chad Kelly is an American gridiron footballer famous for playing the role of the quarterback from Buffalo, New York.

The famous quarterback has played for three professional teams, including Denver Broncos, Indianapolis Colts, and Toronto Argonauts. He is currently fulfilling his role as a #12 quarterback in Toronto Argonauts. 

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Meet Chad Kelly Parents: Charlene Kelly and Kevin Kelly

Chad Kelly, also known as Chad “Patrick” Kelly, was born to his mother, Charlene Cudzylo Kelly, and father, Kevin Kelly.

His father is a supermarket manager. At the same time, his mother’s occupation is still unknown.

Chad Kelly with his mother, Charlene Cudzylo Kelly (Source: The Buffalo News)

Their family has always supported the American footballer during his earlier career stages. The gridiron footballer, born on March 26, 1994, is currently 22 years of age.

However, the Toronto Argonauts quarterback was closer to his mother, Charlene Cudzylo Kelly, as he spent most of his childhood in western New York, the area of his mother’s house.

Chad Kelly Family And Ethnicity Explored

Chad Kelly’s ethnicity is White Caucasian. White Caucasians are also regarded as White Americans.

The root word for this term is Caucasian, primarily spread around Europe and some parts of Asia.

The professional gridiron footballer’s family follows Christianity. Regarding his family, he has a brother named Casey Kelly and a famous uncle named Jim Kelly.

Chad Kelly with his family. (Source: The Buffalo News)

Kelly’s younger brother Casey has also played the role of the quarterback from St. Joseph’s School following his brother’s trial.

However, the #12 quarterback’s main inspiration in the Toronto Argonauts must be his uncle.

The famous NFL quarterback constantly mentored his nephew and encouraged him to go pro in American soccer.

However, after a certain period, Chad decided to part ways with his uncle’s training and join the Red’s high school football team after his parents came to Pennsylvania.

Usually, people used to refer to the gridiron footballer as his’s uncle or nephew more than the son of Charlene Kelly and Kevin Kelly.

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Is Chad Kelly In A Relationship? 

No, Chad Kelly is not married to date. The 22-year-old is currently focusing on building up his career in American football.

Regarding his past events, he has been in a relationship with Nicole Bell since 2014.

Nicole Bell was a cheerleader for Atlanta Falcons. She is currently a model and has already moved on.

Chad Kelly practicing (Source: The Boston Globe)

Currently, there are no relationship-related posts or activities around him.

The #12 quarterback believes that focusing on his game at his current age will help him to unleash the hidden genius within him.

What is Chad Kelly Net Worth?

Currently, Chad Kelly is worth around $2 million after he signed a 4-year contract length with Denver Broncos, according to PopularNetworth.

However, since [calculate_years datestring=”03/26/1994″]years did not fully cover his contract, he only earned $412,000, according to Overcap, from the contract with Denver Broncos.

According to Najia News, his annual salary is around $616,405 with Toronto Argonauts. He is happy with this income as he recently bought a new Ford automobile worth $54,000.

How Did Chad Kelly Be Popular? 

After joining the school team of St.Joseph’s Collegiate Institution, New York, he developed a keen interest in American-Football.

To add on, his school performance was indeed eye-catching as a popular website, “,” wrote an article about this magnificent player who had been famous for his work ethic.

Young Chad completed more than 7,000 yards and 80 touchdowns during high school.

The “four-star rookie” further continued his gridiron football journey from “Clemson University” and “The University of Mississippi.”

Although the teams differed, the current #12 quarterback’s performance was eye-catching.

Sooner, After he was picked in the seventh round of NFL Drafts 2017, his professional journey kick-started.

A team named Denver Broncos picked him up. Since the rookie was picked at the end, he was considered “Mr. Not Important.”

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