Popular Chef Chris Santos from “Chopped” and Gorgeous Actress Natalie Makenna shared their vows this year in May after being in a long relationship. 

People have shown curiosity about their marriage after the couple shared some astounding wedding pictures on their respective Instagram handles.

Chris Santos is a renowned New York City chef and the former executive chef and owner of The Stanton Social in New York’s Lower East Side. Natalie Makenna is an actor and opera singer in Los Angeles with appearances in over 100 films.

Chris Santos And Natalie Makenna Relationship Timeline

The chopped Show chef Chris and Natalie Makenna started dating in 2017. Both of them had a rough patch with their previous marriage failures.

Netizens claim that the newlyweds started following each other on their social media in March 2017.

Santos had posted about the couple getting engaged in 2019. They finally walked down the aisle together on May 23, 2022, at Calamigos Ranch in Malibu, California.

Chris Santos was previously married to Taryn Santos in April 2009, but we are still determining when the former marriage of Santos met its end.

They were even featured in New York Post in 2010, where they discussed their marriage and plans, which we can now say surely didn’t catch the long end train.

Talking about Makenna, she was previously married to Zane Howard Wilemon in 2004 before getting together with Chris Santos.

There is no projected evidence on the Internet regarding how the former couple broke up. 

The newlywed couple, Mr. and Mrs. Santos, purchased their dream home in 2019 and are now seeking a new home near the coast of California.

Glimpse of Chris Santos and Natalie Makenna Marriage (Source: Instagram)

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Chris Santos And Natalie Makenna Kids And Family

Chris has never publicly mentioned his parents’ names, and he clearly stated on his Twitter handle asking people not to pry about his family and private matters.

However, it has been confirmed that his mother was of Irish descent and his father was of Portuguese ancestry. He has two elder brothers and one sister. The chef is the youngest child in his family.

Likewise, Natalie Makenna has no plans to reveal her parents’ identity. However, according to IMDb, Natalie is said to be a descendant of both Blackbeard the Pirate and King George III making her a royal pirate.

Ancestry aside, it’s very likely that she is half Latino and half European. She hasn’t even shared any information about her siblings or anyone related to blood kinship.

Chris Santos and Natalie Makenna have no kids from their former and current relationship partners.

Now that both of them have found each other entangled in this marriage, we can expect that they will have kids in the upcoming few years.

Chris Santos and his wife having fun playing in their court (Source: Instagram)

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Chris Santos And Natalie Makenna Net Worth

As of this writing, Chris Santos has a whopping net worth of $8 million, according to the Celebrity Net Worth. He tends to live a very private life despite his fortunes and publicity.

His salary has not been disclosed, but it is estimated that Chris gets a jaw-dropping paycheck of $2 million from the popular food show “Chopped” and some of his passive income sources.

According to some sources, Natalie Makenna is a multiple film awards nominee actress and an opera singer. 

She has a net worth of $800,000 per see, but it has not been publicized about her assets or notable public purchases.

Chris Santos in his show “Chopped” (Source: Santos Website)

Besides, the couple bought their dream house in 2019 before getting married. They believe that the information on their private assets and income status should not concern the public.

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