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The British Drama series “Riches” features Stephen Richards, the creator of a successful cosmetics Company and a supporter of Black-owned businesses.

The show is available on Amazon Prime Video. It follows the lavish lives of the Richards family, where CJ Beckford will be portraying Andres Scott-Clarke, Flair and Glory’s evasive and flirty chief financial officer.

“I’ve only heard that it’s excellent,” CJ Beckford says of Succession, “so the idea that Riches is being compared to it is great.”

However, based on what he has seen so far, he believes Riches, one of the top programs on ITVX, the broadcaster’s new streaming service, is unique: “It has its territory.”

Who Is CJ Beckford: His Age Explored

Christopher Beckford, also known as CJ Beckford, is a British Actor in his early 30s known for his roles in television and film.

He began his acting career in the early 2000s and has appeared in several TV shows and movies, including “Victoria” and “Pack of Wolves.”

However, his portrayal of Jamaican RAF pilot Michael in the National Theatre’s adaptation of “Small Island” garnered him widespread recognition and praise from critics, including five-star reviews from The Guardian and The Daily Telegraph.

Beckford’s set to make a significant impact in his upcoming role as Andre Scott-Clarke in the British Drama series “Riches.”

CJ Beckford (Source: Bustle)

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CJ Beckford Girlfriend: Is He In A Relationship? 

As it turns out, we only know a little. The Actor keeps virtually every aspect of his personal life underground, including his family and relationship status. 

There is little information available about the Actor’s life outside of theater and film, and he doesn’t use Instagram or Twitter.

Quite an amazing accomplishment in today’s world. “The social media era we’re in now can also put added pressure on people,” he told Channel 4. 

However, he has acknowledged that several of his earlier acting roles involved investigating social media demands.

Around the time of the premiere of Big Age, he told Channel 4 that the current social media era “may also throw more strain on people.”

NTL 2019 Small Island CJ Beckford and Aisling Loftus (Source: cine studio)

A Look Into CJ Beckford Family

Beckford grew up in Holborn with his single mother and attended Anna Scher performing arts school in Islington.

During his studies there, he learned valuable skills that have helped him come a long way in his acting career.

While studying marketing at the University of Westminster, Beckford worked as an extra on various sets and received his first credit in a Debenhams Christmas promo in 2017.

Beckford credits his marketing background with helping him prepare for the role of Andre in Riches, Flair, and Glory’s elusive and flirtatious chief financial officer.

Despite initially wanting to move to the United States, Beckford also wanted to showcase the talent of Black actors in the UK and prove that they could thrive in their own culture rather than trying to fit into American culture.

What Is the Net Worth of CJ Beckford?

An Actor’s salary can range from £19,200.00 to £50,000.00. Beckford’s net worth is not publicly known, but as a successful Actor, he likely has a substantial amount of wealth.

Beckford has had a long-acting career and has appeared in several popular television shows and short films, including Venus vs. Mars and Sitting in Limbo and starred in many short films, such as Haircut and Triptych.

According to the Actor, three elements have contributed to his success: faith in oneself, discipline, and persistence.

Beckford believes that having faith, whether religious or not, is essential for an Actor’s success.

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