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At the Pierre Hotel, designer Dennis Basso wed his longtime partner Michael Cominotto in front of 400 members of society and a three-foot-tall wedding cake.

American fashion designer Dennis Basso is well-known for his Couture fur creations. His primary objective was to turn the fur material into a usable cloth that flowed.

He is well renowned for using patterns and colors that stand out.

Basso, who is [calculate_years datestring=”00/00/1955″] years old, was born in Washington, District of Columbia (DC), on February 25, 1955. Pisces is his horoscope sign.

Although Dennis is a man of average height, his appearance in the photograph makes him look extremely tall. He is 5 feet 2 inches tall (1.61 meters). Additionally, he is 167 pounds.

He was successful in his work and could design faux fur ready-to-wear collections.

His 40,000 square-foot atelier, situated in New York City near Long Island City, is where Dennis Basso completes all of his manufacturing and textile work.

Additionally, a philanthropist, Dennis, has raised funds for the American Cancer Society.

He has done fashion design work for various companies, including QVC, which awarded him the “Ambassador Award of QVC” in 2009.

Yes, Dennis Basso Is Gay- Meet His Husband, Michael Cominotto

Yes, Dennis Basso is gay and married to Michael Cominotto. Basso, a native of New York, recently made headlines due to his relationship with longtime partner Michael Cominotto.

In her 81-year existence, Piere’s first same-sex marriage occurred when the pair were married in 2011.

Dennis Basso Gay
Dennis Basso with his husband, Michael Cominotto (Source: Pinterest)

This is not a little Southampton wedding, Michael remarked.

Additionally, Basso claimed that 25 years ago, he encountered a gorgeous, endearing, hip guy dating another gorgeous, well-built guy, not exactly one of his most outstanding qualities.

He remembers thinking, Michael Cominotto is something else.

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Meet Dennis Basso Family And Children 

American fashion designer of Couture fur designs, Dennis Basso, does not have kids.

Before getting married, Dennis dated Michael for 20 years while keeping their relationship a secret. They appear to be entirely private about their relationship and rarely discuss it publicly.

Dennis Basso and Michael Cominotto’s romance is still going strong. They support one another and share a deep bond.

In terms of his family, Theresa, his mother, was a housewife. Through her sophisticated sense of style, he was affected by fashion.

Singer-Actress Mary J. Blige and Dennis Basso
Singer-Actress Mary J. Blige Helps Dennis Basso With His Runway Show (Source: WWD)

His parents have always been his strongest supporters, helping him achieve his goals. His Father, Richard, was a worker in the agricultural sector.

One of the world’s top fur and ready-to-wear designers is Dennis Basso. In addition, designer Dennis Basso showed a £30,000 sable cloak for young girls.

The coat was a part of a new line for young girls (four to twelve). Along with a £2,500 Party dress, it was offered for sale at London’s Harrods department store.

The designer has come under Fire from the animal rights group PETA, which claims that “children have an inherent affinity for animals.”

Dennis Basso Relationship Timeline

Michael Cominotto, who shares the same gender as Basso and to whom he is married, is gay.

Before getting married, the pair had been dating for 20 years. The Pierre, a well-known New York hotel, hosted their wedding ceremony.

Basso and his husband are the owners of Watermill, a resort on Long Island. He described it as “a blend of Southampton and the South of France and the Italian Riviera.”

American designer Dennis Basso is a gifted artist. He has about thirty years of experience in the business and is widely regarded for his incredible design.

At red-carpet events, many famous people display Basso’s wondrous works. He offered a novel viewpoint on fur design.

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