Ethan Smith

Ethan Smith is one of two hot newcomers in Too Hot to Handle season 4. He is a professional model and is passionate about fitness and training.

Ten young single people are getting ready to put Lana to the test in Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle. On Wednesday, December 7, Season 4 launched on the streaming platform.

Along with Flavia Laos, a newcomer, Ethan made his debut on the fourth episode.

Ethan initially only had eyes for Sophie when he chose her for his first date, but Sophie declined to use the “free kiss” pass that Lana had given him.

However, considering that Creed abandoned Sophie when he spotted Flavia, perhaps she should have accepted Ethan’s offer.

As both competitors set their sights on the contestants they liked and pursued them with all their might, the new entrants arrived determined to generate colossal Drama.

Who Is Ethan Smith From Too Hot To Handle?

In episode 4, Ethan Smith is one of the late newcomers who joins the show. The attractive young contestant has a physique that would make a Greek deity look average.

As per the CELEBSWEEK sources, he was born on August 7, 1996. So he [calculate_years datestring=” 08/07/1996″] years old as per [current-year].

Ethan Smith
Ethan Smith is a newcomer contestant on ‘Too Hot To Handle. (Source: Instagram)

He considers himself a “bad boy” and enjoys cuddling with people.

With more than 20.8K followers on Instagram, Ethan primarily shares pictures of his good memories with friends, mirror selfies, gym photos, and beach scenes.

He is used to being the center of attention and expects girls to flock around him. He also appears to be interested in weightlifting and dirt biking. His tattooed body and thick, dark hair make him stand out.

After choosing Sophie Stonehouse for the date, Ethan in the show first expressed interest in her.

He later turned his attention to the bubbly blonde Brittan, though, after his flirting attempts and hopes for a peck with the brunette were unsuccessful.

Ethan Smith Family

One of the new contestants of Too Hot To Handel, Ethan Smith, is basically from Bristol in the United Kingdom.

He is a handsome young boy who is gaining attention from his attire, look, and performance. Besides his modeling, he is also interested in Soccer and Rock climbing.

Talking about Ethan’s family background, there needs to be more accurate information regarding it. He still needs to share it, and maybe he will share it with us after the show starts. 

Not only with the media, but he also has not shared pictures of them on any other social media account. Smith has not shared about his siblings either, which might mean he is a single child. 

We will update you if he shares more information about his parents and any other family member with the public or if it’s his choice not to share in public. 

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Net Worth Of Ethan Smith

In Season 4 of the well-known Netflix dating series Too Hot To Handle, Ethan Smith makes his television debut. It’s because there is a significant question mark over Ethan’s net worth right now.

Ethan Smith
Ethan Smith likes to enjoy his vacation. (Source: Instagram)

The dating competition show is approaching its fourth season, where contestants compete for survival and the chance to win a massive $100,000 cash prize.

Ethan is one of the newcomer competitors for the Season 4 of the dating show. He might collect $100,000 from the show if she wins the title.

But according to the source, CELEBSWEEK, he has a net worth of $426k. Besides, the fitness enthusiast can earn more in the coming days if he continues his hard work.

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