Griselda Siciliani And Adrián Suar

Griselda Siciliani And Adrián Suar have been in a relationship with each other for several years. So the audience is curious to know more about them.

Griselda Siciliani is a dancer, singer, and Actor from Argentina. In the teen Drama Patito Feo, she had her first significant role in 2007.

The main character’s mother and the primary adult character were both played by her as “Carmen.” She also had to sing and dance because the serial featured musicals and an overseas tour before the end of the year.

Adrián Suar is channel 13’s program director and an Argentine Actor, media producer, and businessman. At the young age of 13, Suar began working on the television program Pelito.

Later, Suar worked in films like Comodines, Cohen vs. Rossi, Apariencias, El Hijo de la Novia, El da que me amé, and 18-J, as well as other TV shows, including La Banda del Golden Rocket, Poliladron, Por el Nombre de Dios, 22, El Loco, and Sin código.

Griselda Siciliani Relationship Timeline With Adrián Suar

Adrián Suar was romantically involved for eight years with Argentine Actress Griselda Siciliani.

The Actress explained how they are currently apart and referred to the continuous reconciliation reports with the Actor and El Trece programming manager.

Griselda Siciliani And Adrián Suar
Griselda Siciliani And Adrián Suar get separated after several years. (Source: Diario El Día de La Plata)

Griselda Siciliani made remarks and disclosed their relationship with Adrián Suar, among other things. Adrián and Griselda were together from December 2007 to August 2016.

The Actress and the television producer had an almost ten-year-long love affair. Although she was asked to join the cast of Sin Código, a Drama made and starring El Trece’s corrupt on-screen, in 2005, they didn’t start dating until around 2008.

Until 2016, which indicated a break in the relationship, they have always been seen as a strong pair.

Because the two had a 4-year-old daughter in common, Margarita, stories about the couple’s dilemma started to circulate in papers and on gossip shows, where there was discussion of cheating and jealousy.

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Family And Kids Details Of Griselda Siciliani And Adrián Suar

Griselda Siciliani was born in 2 April 1978 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. As of [current-year], she is [calculate_years datestring=”04/02/1978″] years old.

She had one daughter named Margarita on June 15, 2012, from her relationship with Adrián Suar.

Norberto Siciliani is the name of her Father, and Ida María Lozano is the name of her mother. They both are proud parents of brilliant Actress Griselda. She has one sister named Leticia Siciliani.

Siciliani began her career in musical comedies and performed in the production “Revista Nacional.” She appeared on the Playboy magazine cover in Argentina.

On March 25, 1968, Adrián Suar was born in New York City, U.S. He is [calculate_years datestring=”03/25/1968″] years old as of [current-year].

He has a son named Tomás with Argentine Actress Araceli González, whom he married and later divorced.

Both Lilian Keller and Leibele Schwartz are his parents. Sugar and his family relocated to Argentina when he was two years old.

In 1982, he was cast in his first significant contribution as Adrián in the Channel 13 hit Pelito.

Net Worth Differences Between Griselda Siciliani And Adrián Suar

Griselda Siciliani is one of the most wealthy and well-known actresses in TV and movies.

She began her acting career in musical comedies like Revista Nacional and stage productions. Later, she made her cinematic debut alongside Adrián Suar in Sin Código.

Griselda Siciliani And Adrián Suar
Griselda Siciliani And Adrián Suar both are finest actors. (Source:

According to the source, Famous Birthday Griselda has an estimated net worth of $5 million. She earned her income from a successful acting career.

Adrian Suar is also one of the wealthiest actors and one of the most well-known actors.

In 1994, Suar and Fernando Blanco founded Pol-Ka, one of Argentina’s top three TV production firms, producing shows broadcast abroad.

From the source, Famous Birthday Adrian has an estimated net worth of $5. His main source of income is his acting career.

We might assume he also earns a good living from sponsorships and advertisements.

The net worth ranges of Adrian and Griselda are remarkably similar. Both performers are well-known and make a sizable living as actors.

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