Hugh Grant Siblings

James Grant, Hugh Grant’s older brother, has always been his best buddy and a huge supporter. Even though time has passed, the Grant siblings’ quirkiness doesn’t appear to have reduced.

Hugh Grant, whose full name is Hugh John Mungo Grant, is a British actor best known for playing the charming and entertaining love interest in romantic comedies.

Grant started acting in his final year at the University of Oxford, where he was studying English literature. In 1985, he made his stage debut at the Nottingham Playhouse in England.

He has received a British Academy Film Award, a Golden Globe Award, the Volpi Cup, and an Honorary César.

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Hugh Grant Siblings: Brother James Grant

James “Jamie” Grant, Hugh’s brother, was born in 1958 in London, England.

Despite their hectic schedules, siblings enjoy good ties and see one other frequently. James is successful despite not being a famous person.

Hugh Grant Siblings
Hugh Grant with his father (middle) and his brother (left) at Southampton gallery. (Source: New York Daily News)

He’s a Global Chairman of New York-based Investment Banking at JPMorgan.

In addition, Jamie serves on the National Public Radio Foundation boards, the New York Shakespeare Society, and the American Friends of Oxford University.

Jamie has an excellent educational background. He attended Latymer Upper School in London before pursuing fine art and French literature degree at the University of Oxford. He obtained a master’s degree and graduated from Oxford.

Hugh Grant has been known to seek refuge in his big brother during difficult times. Though separated through their respective professions, the Grant siblings inevitably get along.

At his brother James Grant’s wedding, Hugh Grant stood as best man. James developed eye stye on the big day and urged Hugh to keep it a secret from the wedding guests.

Unfortunately, Hugh Grant, the youngest and wittiest brother, babbled endlessly about James Stye on his brother’s big day. The Grant siblings are undoubtedly amusing.

Captain James Murray Grant And Fynvola Susan MacLean

The second son, Hugh Grant, was born to Captain James Murray Grant and Fynvola Susan MacLean (formerly Wickham).

He belongs to a lineage of empire builders, soldiers, and aristocrats. During WWII, his grandpa was recognized for his leadership and courage.

Hugh Grant Siblings
Hugh Grant pictured with his father James, and mother Finvola before she passed away in 2001. (Source:

His father, Captain James Murray Grant, also served as an officer in a British Army unit in Germany and Malaya.

He started a carpet business after completing his military duty, played golf, and painted watercolors as hobbies.

James Grant: 30 Years of Watercolors, a charity show by his son, featured Murray’s artwork at the John Martin Gallery.

Finvola Grant, Hugh’s mother, spent more than 30 years instructing Latin, French, and music at public schools in West London. She sadly died at the age of 67 from pancreatic cancer.

Grant credited his mother with “any acting genes that [he] might have” on Inside the Actors Studio in 2002.

Even though both of his parents were from military households, he has said that his upbringing was not always prosperous.

Many of his summers as a kid were spent hunting and fishing in Scotland with his grandfather.

Hugh Grant Net Worth: How Much Does He Earn?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Hugh Grant, the antagonist from Paddington 2, has a net worth of over $150 million.

Additionally, the movie star Hugh Grant mostly known for his leading role in Four Weddings and a Funeral, has starred in over 42 films and 26 Television Series.

His films have made almost US$3 billion globally from 29 theatrical releases as of 2018. In his acting career, Hugh has fired his acting agent. 

The actor disclosed that he spent four years pretending to be James Howe Ealy, his fictitious acting agent, on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

He deliberately made up a fake email address and replied to them.

Hugh Grant Siblings
Hugh Grant in The Late Late Show With James Corden (Source: YouTube)

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As of now, he already has his acting agent. Deliberately, there needs to be more information regarding Hugh Grant’s acting agency and how he gets his paychecks.

However, the hourly amount given to the actor for their work will be specified in the actor contracts.

The hourly rates will take into account the time the actor is actually recording, as well as any time he or she may have to spend getting ready or having rehearsals.

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