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People are curious to know Brittany Murphy Daughter and her relationship with her Father, Simon Monjack.

Brittany Anne Murphy-Monjack was an American singer and Actress. Murphy, born in Atlanta, traveled to Los Angeles as a teenager to seek a career in acting.

Her breakout role in Clueless was as Tai Frasier, followed by minor appearances in small films like Freeway and Bongwater.

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Her career also featured singing. In the early 1990s, she played in a band called Blessed Soul with fellow Actor Eric Balfour. Murphy and Paul Oakenfold released the song “Faster Kill Pussycat” off their album A Lively Mind on June 6, 2006.

Is Jasmine Monjack Brittany Murphy Stepdaughter? Husband Simon Monjack

Jasmine Murphy is, in fact, Brittany Murphy’s stepdaughter. Jasmine Monjack is Simon Monjack’s daughter.

 Brittany Murphy
Brittany Murphy, Stepdaughter, and her Husband, Simon Monjack (source: dailymail)

She gained public attention after exposing her connection with her Father, Simon Monjack. Simon’s mother was not Jasmine’s mother. His mother and Father were involved in an extramarital affair.

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Simon Monjack is a Hillingdon, Greater London, England-based American writer, makeup artist, director, producer, and media personality. 

He died on May 23, 2010, in Los Angeles, California, at 40. His cause of death was pneumonia and severe anemia.

Simon married Simone Bienne in November 2001. They chose to divorce in 2006. Later, in April 2007, he married American Actress Brittany Murphy. 

They married in a private Jewish ceremony in Los Angeles. However, Murphy passed away on December 20, 2009. She died of pneumonia.

When he was married to Murphy and dating Marica Newman simultaneously, Simon also had an affair with Sharon Murphy, his mother-in-law.

He has no children with his wife; however, he does have two daughters from his marriage to Marica Newman. Jasmine Monjack, his eldest daughter, is 18 years old.

Lind Monjack is the name of her grandma. Linda works as a hypnotherapist. 

William is Jasmine’sJasmine’s grandfather’s name. Her grandpa died of a brain tumor in Oxfordshire in 1986.

How Was Jasmine Monjack Relationship With Brittany Murphy?

Brittany is an American Actress, model, influencer, and singer from Atlanta, Georgia. 

She passed away on December 20, 2009, at 32. She died in Los Angeles, California, in the United States. Pneumonia and anemia were the causes of her death.

 Brittany Murphy
Brittany Murphy And her Husband (source: zimbio)

Brittany dated a lot of guys before she got married. Murphy was also twice engaged but broke it off. After breaking off the engagement, she married Simon.

In 2007, Murphy married Simon Monjack. Brittany has been featured in programs such as Family Prayers, Clueless, Freeway, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Something Wicked, Deadline, Murphy Brown, and Frasier.

Monjack attended a beauty school. So she presumably wants to be a makeup artist. Her Father was a well-known makeup artist as well.

According to reports, she worked part-time at a tanning salon in Bedfordshire, England.

How Much Is Jasmine Monjack Net Worth [current-year]?

Jasmine inherited something from her Father, but it has also been stated through many sources that she will have a net worth of close to 1-2 million by 2022, which is a sizable amount.

Her Father himself had a net worth of 7-8 million during his time, and maybe Jasmine has inherited something from her Father, which still needs to be properly disclosed.

According to sources, to fulfill some of her demands, this star youngster, who has yet to achieve fame, worked part-time in a tanning clinic in Bedfordshire, England, but she is no longer employed.

She also openly revealed that her Father had raised her since she was two years old, so any financial issues because Simone himself was pretty secure.

He still needs to receive Britney Murphy’s vast property.

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