Kathy Le CTV Age

CTV anchor Kathy Le clapped back at one of the viewers who complained to get her off the TV. She was recently shamed for appearing on the news broadcast showing her baby bump.

Award-winning weekend anchor and reporter at CTV, Kathy Le, is very close to the end of her pregnancy.

However, in her joyous moment, the CTV anchor received feedback stating, “Kathy Le – Heavily pregnant woman on prime time TV.”

A very rude guy named Andrew whined about getting her off the air and added, “We (he) tolerate it up to 4 months.” And, soon-to-be mother Kathy had to respond and put this misogynistic man in his place.

Instead of being sad, Le responded that she is glad to have worked as an anchor on CTV Calgary till the end of her pregnancy.

She added that Kathy hopes the guy gets mad every time he turns on the CTV channel at ‘prime-time’ and sees her with a big belly.

The ever-so-bold anchor became an example of the strong woman holding another life in her. As the news made headlines, the public was astonished to know about Kathy Le CTV Age, her husband, and her further details.

How Old Is The Weekend Anchor?

Kathy Le is in her late 30s. So, Kathy Le CTV Age must be around 36-39.

Now a video journalist and anchor at CTV graduated from the University of Alberta in 2007. It is a shock how a major in science and double major in chemistry and biology went on to have a profession in journalism.

Traditional professions such as doctors, lawyers, and engineers were all remarkable.

However, Kathy confesses that as a child of immigrants from Vietnam, Broadcast Journalism was not her family’s first choice for her.

Kathy Le CTV Age
Kathy Le reporting a live news broadcast on CTV. (Source: Facebook)

A natural-born journalist pursued her childhood passion. In 2011, got a two-year-long diploma in Radio and Television Arts, Broadcasting from NAIT (Northern Alberta Institute of Technology).

Speculation that Kathy Le CTV, age 27, started her first job in a professional field as a reporter and anchor at Newcap in January 2011.

She has formerly worked as an Editor in Chief in NAIT, photojournalist, and videographer at different companies. Nonetheless, her degree in science didn’t appease her profession at all.

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Slowly, she began upgrading her technical skills in reporting and anchoring.

In 2021, the prominent journalist received her very first RTDNA for Enterprise Journalism for a documentary about racism and discrimination Asian people have faced during the pandemic.

Little storyteller went on to become one of the most successful News anchors. She has achieved a lot for Kathy Le CTV Age, who is in her late 30s.

CTV Anchor Kathy Le Husband

Kathy and her husband have been married for three years. A former morning show host at CTV shared on her FB post that the couple had been together for ten years before finally being legally bonded.

Likewise, the couple expects their firstborn between the end of 2022 and the following year.

Kathy Le and her husband often travel in their free time or on vacation holidays. She claims Waterton in Alberta, Canada, to be their favorite place.

Hence, amidst clear lakes, thundering waterfalls, rainbow-colored streams, and distinctive mountain peaks, the couple celebrated their second anniversary in the land with enchanting nature back in 2021.

Kathy Le CTV Age
Wedding photograph of Kathy Le and her husband. (Source: Facebook)

Rotary Member loves flaunting her baby bump with a nature background on her social media. Kathy often goes dual hiking with her husband and shows off the pictures captured by her husband and her upcoming baby in her Facebook posts.

Unfortunately, the husband of Kathy Le is unknown to the world. Once or twice, she posts on social media with her husband, and it is unlikely that she has ever mentioned his identity.

How Much Does CTV Video Journalist and Anchor Earn?

Combining her current job position at CTV, the average salary Kathy earns a year as a Video Journalist, and Anchor is C$128,995.

She joined CTV News in 2012 as a Video Journalist and anchor. Likely, she has worked as a Morning Show Host and 2016 Junos Reporter in the same company.

Formerly, while continuing her passion as a journalist, Le has handled multiple jobs in this field.

The woman has been working in the journalism field since 2019. Starting her career as a Videographer at Rogers Sports and Media to be honored with award-winning journalist, she sure has come s far.

The News Reporter supports women’s empowerment and fights against discrimination. Nature-loving Vietnamese woman has earned a lot through her career. Kathy Le will add up to her net worth in the future.

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