Kenny Rogers Face Lift

Former country singer Kenny Rogers facelift is introduced as one of the lousy plastic surgeries in the cosmetic industry.

He, himself, regretted the decision he made back then to have a proper appearance on stage.

American singer-songwriter Kenny Rogers is mainly known for his 90s-released album The Gambler. Multiple Grammy Award Winner Kenny Rogers had record-breaking sensational hit singles and albums during his lifetime.

The Gambler and Kenny, two of his albums that have been published, were listed among “The 200 Most Influential Country Albums Ever” in an vote. 

In a 1986 poll conducted by the readers of both USA Today & People, he was chosen as the “Favorite Singer of All Time.”

The singer was gifted in melody and rhythm, and Kenny was also an actor. However, how the successful artist he was, Kenny became the victim of the limelight.

He allowed his physical appearance to change a little too drastically under the pressure of being in front of the entire world.

Kenny Rogers Face Lift Caused Disaster

When one rises to popularity, one desires more fame and love from the public. Hence, Kenny Rogers believed his plastic surgery was necessary to gain even more fame. And, of course, be relevant in the industry.

So, how did the singer become a victim of botched plastic surgery?

Kenny Rogers Face Lift
Kenny Rogers throughout his journey of cosmetic surgery during his lifetime. (Source: Closer Weekly)

Kenny’s cosmetic surgeon lifted his brows to an abnormal height and removed excess skin around his eyes.

In addition, the surgeon raised the corners of his eyes too far. This removed the natural appearance and attraction of his masculine eyes.

He and his plastic surgeon must have differing views on his operation’s aims and expected outcomes, which is crucial.

The Gambler singer had eyes that were quite masculine, with low brows and a little gap between the upper eyelid and eyebrow.

Kenny Rogers’s facelift failure displays high brows, a large gap between his top eyelids and brows, and a hollow region above his eyes.

However, Rogers claims to have had his face done by high profile surgeon. His alien-like transformation says otherwise.

In his book Luck or Something Like It, Rogers said, “If you’re in this field and are unwilling to modify your image, your time will be limited!”

Likewise, he has undergone many facial changes over the years, and it was in 2006 he spoke about it.

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Did Kenny Rogers Regret It?

Rogers had a realization to change after his performance on The Tonight Show.

The singer stated that the conversation with guest host John Davidson made him consider how he presents himself onstage. Thus, it made him consider his image.

So, within a week, Rogers trimmed his long hair, removed his spectacles, and removed the earring from his ear. Kenny described the transformation as “shedding an old costume and being ‘Kenny Rogers’ again.”

He eventually “had a lot of money and a lot of time” and chose to undergo surgery to better himself even more. However, Kenny Rogers’s facelift got botched.

However, his admirers were not pleased with the outcome! Rogers no longer resembled the scruffy, macho man people adored in the 1970s. He’d lost the Fire in his eyes that perfectly complemented his raspy voice.

Though the singer confessed that he was unhappy with the result, he added that he never regretted or felt sorry for his decision.

“To be honest, I have no idea what I would have looked like if I hadn’t done it.” So you do it and live with the consequences,” he explained.

How Rich Was Kenny Rogers?

To undergo multiple cosmetic transformations, one must lot of money. The rich older man also stated he had lots of money in his bank account.

Before his death, Kenny Rogers had a $250 Million Net Worth. No wonder Kenny Rogers’s facelift was achievable.

Kenny Rogers Face Lift
Kenny Rogers shares the stage together with Dolly Patron. (Source: The Times)

All his lifetime earnings come from his singing and acting. In his time, he was a Billboard chart-topper, winning multiple awards and selling lots of albums.

He continued his tour until his retirement in 2017 and became a famous artist worldwide.

Rogers appeared in films and television shows such as Kenny Rogers as The Gambler, the MacShayne series for The NBC Mystery Movie, and the 1982 feature picture Six Pack.

He co-founded the restaurant chain Kenny Rogers Roasters in partnership with former Kentucky Fried Chicken CEO John Y.

Brown Jr. Although the stores have closed in the United States, they remain popular in Asia.

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