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Underground racer Kye Kelley new wife has been searched by fans as there are rumors about them having a broken engagement. 

Television personality Kye Kelley frequently appears on the Street Outlaws episode set in New Orleans. Kelley has been on the tracks since he reached Mississippi’s legal driving age. 

If you’ve seen the television program Street Outlaws, you may be familiar with him already. He is a well-known car racer who appeared on a Discovery Channel show. 

He has also had to compete against some top pros due to his love of auto racing. After being spotted with Justin “Big Chief” Shearer, Kelly gained attention. 

He put a lot of effort into his career to support his family. Kelly got into racing and challenges after that and acquired his first automobile. 

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He was referred to as the fastest person in New Orleans and had excellent skills.

On the other side, Lizzy is a well-known driver with over 230K Instagram followers.

Lizzy is a racer and a fitness nut; that much is certain. She also frequently appears on Street Outlaws. Lizzy and Kye have been dating for some time.

Kye Kelley New Wife: Who Is Lizzy Musi?

Kelley and Musi first met while Kye was participating in a PDRA competition. He was getting ready to run in a grudge race. Lizzy acknowledged that she was ignorant of Kye’s identity at the time.

The Street Outlaws were unknown to her at the time. But Kye had already had a conversation with the Musi family.

She knew Lizzy’s father, and he had met her through Lizzy. They quickly became friends, with Musi remarking on Kelley’s calm demeanor.

Kye Kelley Wife
Kye Kelley With His New Wife To Be Lizzy Musi (Source: Celeb Gossip)

The stereotyped thinking in society has been broken by women pursuing professions in racing. Many female racers look up to Lizzy Musi as an example. 

She has grown up around cars ever since she was a young child. They attracted her. Therefore she made the proper career choice—at the age of sixteen. 

She participated in auto races like the Junior Drag and set numerous records. She assisted her father in opening the engine manufacturing shop as soon as she finished school. 

We know where she acquired her fascination because her father also competed in auto races.

Kye Kelley Family: How Many Children Does He Have? 

On May 18, 1985, in Magnolia, Kye Keller was born to Tammy Keller, his mother, and Kyle Keller.

The drag racer has a younger sister named Lacey Howell in the four-person family. Born and reared in Mississippi, Kye started racing even before he had his driver’s license.

Kelley grew up in highly humble circumstances; his father worked at a factory, and his mother was a hairdresser.

The family was having trouble, and things worsened after Kelley Sr. left his family. Thus, the young Kelley was asked to help by doing various jobs like bagging groceries and milking cows.

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But he was determined to maintain his zest for life despite the circumstances. He loved spending time outside hunting and fishing.

Alisa Mote, a longtime love interest and ex-wife, was married to Kye Kelley.

After only seven months of marriage, Kye and his wife Alisa welcomed their first child, Kenadeigh Alexa Kelley.

The couple’s marriage was short-lived, divorced in 2017 for unspecified reasons. Rumor has it that Kye dated Sarah before getting married to Alisa, with whom he had a child.

Kye Kelley Net Worth In [Current-Year]

Kye Keller’s net worth as of 2022 was over $500,000, according to Showbizcorner.

Successful race car driver Kye Kelley has amassed a sizable fortune due to his triumphs. 

In addition to having a successful career as an American race car driver, he is most known for the renowned Discovery television series “Street Outlaws.”

Kye Kelley
Kye Kelley Posing With His Car (Source: Bang Shift)

Down South Performance was founded by the professional auto racer and his business partner Greg Champagne. A few of the products altered by the McComb, Mississippi-based firm had wheels. Visit its Facebook page as well.

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Drag racing is a profession for Kye Kelley. He doesn’t do it for fame or money but because it’s his passion.

When Kelley was a little child, he fell in love with racing. Before progressing to other faster cars, he learned to drive ATVs and dirt bikes as a child.

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