Lee Nadine

Lee Nadine is one of the contestants of Netflix’s Korean reality series, Single’s Inferno. Viewers will witness her journey of finding the potential partner on the show. 

Per the show’s format, a group of hot, young people will live on the aptly titled “Hell Island.” The participants will only get to escape after coupling up with someone each night.

The couple who successfully finds someone will get to move to the luxurious “Heaven Island” for the night. In addition, they will also get the popular inaugural outing.

After two seasons, the show is back with a new set of young groups and plenty more joy, tears,  and fear of rejection. One of the new singles in the group is Lee.

Who Is Lee Nadine From Single Inferno? Her Age

22-year-old Nadine Lee is a former Peer Buddy Committee Executive director at Synapse National. Moreover, she is an undergraduate student in her first year.

Lee Nadine
Nadine Lee’s reaction video to receiving a college acceptance letter went viral. (Source: Bustle)

Likewise, according to her LinkedIn, she is a RA/Project Manager enrolled at Harvard Medical School.

In addition, she has attended Ross, California’s The Branson School. Nadine is a trained emergency medical technician with a certificate in advanced life support.

The newcomer in television, Lee, describes her personality as “cold and honest.” Per her reality show interview, Nadine was born in New York City.

She joined the cast to make new special memories and step out of her comfort zone. Moreover, she also wants to date someone and already has a type she wants in her partner.

Back in 2018, Nadine gave an interview with The New York Times for an article. She talked about a lawsuit challenging the University’s use of affirmative action in admissions.

At the time, Lee stated that she thought she would face discrimination applying to college. Moreover, she also had to consider how to stand out from other Asian American candidates.

Does Lee Nadine Have A Boyfriend?

Lee Nadine does not have a boyfriend. She is single as she joined the reality dating show to find her potential partner.

Nadine wants to find someone who is tall, as she is on the taller side. She also added she is looking for someone who is 5’10” and does not mind being in a long-distance relationship.

If Nadine finds her interest in someone, he must be a good driver than her. Nadine added that she is good at driving herself.

You will have to stream Singles Inferno Season 2 to see her journey of Nadine looking for her potential one.

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Lee Nadine Net Worth Details

The net worth details of reality show contestant Lee Nadine are yet to be explored. Nadine is a student at the time and will graduate in 2023.

Lee Nadine
Nadine Lee from Singles Inferno epitomizes “beauty with intellect” and impresses viewers (Source: Realitytitbit)

She is currently pursuing neuroscience with a secondary concentration in computer science. One of her videos reacting to her acceptance into Harvard went viral on social media a few years back.

In addition, Nadine is also serving as Harvard Medical School RA. She is also a project manager who tracks donor investments in adolescent health.

Per her Instagram, she likes to travel when she is not working or studying. Likewise, she played soccer and lacrosse in high school and college.

She also has tried activities like sailing, skiing, golfing, and kayaking.

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