Charlotte Ritchie

Charlotte Ritchie, an English Actress and singer grew up along with her siblings Luke Ritchie And Alice Ritchie.

Barbara Gilbert from the BBC Drama Call the Midwife, Barbara Gilbert from the comedy Fresh Meat on Channel 4, Hannah from Siblings, Alison from Dead Pixels, and George from Feel Good are some of her most well-known roles. She was a part of the band All Angels, a classical crossover group.

Since 2019, she has playing Alison in the BBC comedy series Dead Pixels and Ghosts, which follows a young couple who inherit a haunted estate.

Charlotte played George in the Channel 4 sitcom Feel Good alongside Mae Martin. In 2020, the Netflix television show premiered.

Ritchie appeared in Taskmaster 11, aired on Channel 4 from March to May 2021. In 2022, she will join the cast of You for its fourth season as a series regular.

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Meet Charlotte Ritchie Family

In 2022, Charlotte Ritchie, born on August 29, 1989, will turn 32. She grew up in Clapham Town, Clapham, London, in an upper middle-class family.

She is well-known for being of English and British descent and Christian. Charlotte Ritchie’s father is Mr. Robin Ritchie, a businessman. Her mother is a housewife named Mrs. Elise Ritchie.

She was a member of Youth Music Theatre while attending James Allen’s Girl’s School in Dulwich, South London.

She subsequently enrolled at The University of Bristol, where she studied dramatization and English and graduated. It was when she was 11 that she realized her lifelong dream of working in the entertainment sector.

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Charlotte Ritchie Siblings: Luke Ritchie And Alice Ritchie

Charlotte Ritchie has a sister named Alice Ritchie, who works as a Journalist, and a brother named Luke Ritchie, who is also a talented singer.

The siblings enjoy singing and playing musical instruments and frequently post their incredible YouTube videos.

Luke Ritchie
Luke and Charlotte Ritchie came into Phoenix FM to play a few songs (Source: YouTube)

At the Philharmonic Orchestra, Luke Richie oversees innovation and collaboration. Additionally, he oversees interactive art at London’s Nexus Studio.

His debut album, “The Edge of Water, ” has five tracks.” He writes pop and folk rock music. Dr. With the launch of his debut CD, It is under contract with Angel Falls Records, the label that gave rise to musicians like John and Richard Thompson.

Brief About Charlotte Ritchie Career

By joining the “Youth Music Theatre,” Charlotte Ritchie launched her professional career and was allowed to tour Japan with the historical play “Pendragon.”

Ritchie appeared in the 2004 short film “The Open Doors” as “Vera.” She has appeared as “Alison” in the popular television Drama “Ghosts” and “Hannah” in the comedic series “Siblings.”

Charlotte stars in Repeat, a British sci-fi drama now available on digital platforms in the UK. (Source: National Geographic)

English Actress Charlotte has also acted in several important roles in popular television programs, including “Call the Midwife,” “Feel Good,” “Dead Pixels,” “Life of Riley,” “Taskmaster,” and others.

She continues to give to various charities, such as “Cancer Research UK’s life-saving work,” which focuses on extending the lives of Cancer patients.

In addition, she is a versatile performer who has starred in various successful movies and television episodes throughout her career.

Her dream job was to play the fictional character “Marty McFly.” She and the other members of her band have also appeared in “Emmerdale” as guests.

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