Beatrice Tejou

People of France are curious to know about Beatrice Tejou parents, who won Miss France in 2000.

Indira Ampiot, Miss Guadeloupe, was Miss France 2023 during the 93rd iteration of the Miss France competition, which took place on the evening of December 17 to 18 near Châteauroux. 

As a result, Diane Leyre, the 2022 edition winner, is succeeded by her. This Guadeloupean teenager from Basse-Terre, age 18, was among the youngest contenders for Miss France 2023 crown.

Regarding her professional career, Indira recently earned her baccalaureate degree with honors and has yet to enroll in graduate school. 

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She admitted to The Link Fwi on September 2, 2022, “I applied to various communication colleges, and I was also accepted at a communication school in France to specialize in visual and advertising communication to become Artistic Director.

Miss Guadeloupe Beatrice Tejou Parents: Where Are They From? Family Explored

Beatrice Tejou’s mother is Éliane, and there is no information gathered about her father. By the looks of it, her parents are initially from France. Her mother died due to cancer after battling it. 

Indira Ampiot viewed the Miss France pageant as “a personal challenge” and entered it with the desire to be heard for issues that directly affected her.

While many achievements characterized the year 2022, her maternal grandmother Éliane passed away on January 18 after a ten-year battle with the illness.

Beatrice Tejou
Beatrice Tejou With Her Daughter And Major (Source: France Antilles)

She said, “I want to assist women with cancer to regain their self-confidence. I serve as the association’s godmother, The Amazons Guadeloupe, which raises money and awareness for this cause.

My grandma had five different malignancies. She was a very flirty woman who would primp herself before leaving the house by combing her hair, applying makeup, and doing her nails.

Together with my mother, we assisted her during her illness by applying her makeup each morning and taking her to the beautician. I’m certain that gave him hope.”

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Indira Ampiot, the new Miss France, revealed during her speech that Beatrice Tejou, her mother, had run for Miss Guadeloupe in 1998.

According to Time.News, she was only one step away from taking home the prestigious award.

Indira continued by saying that while her mother ran in a few other contests, such as Miss Caribbean, she could not run in Miss France.

Indira claimed to be a fan of her mother and to have saved her scarf, the election VHS videos, and photo albums. Since she was a young girl, she desired to participate in a beauty pageant.

The model also admitted that she wanted to demonstrate that, even at 18, one can achieve great things if they have faith in their aspirations. I’m just getting started,” the teenage model added.

Beatrice Tejou Net Worth 

There needs to be more information about Beatrice Tejou’s net worth as she has not been in the eyes of the media for several years. 

Her ex-husband owns a communication and marketing agency, whereas she works in the social security sector. She split with her husband while her daughter Ampiot was two years old. 

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As a result, the young lady succeeds Diane Leyre and becomes the fourth Guadeloupean to win the famous title of France’s most beautiful woman. What can be done to make his mother, Béatrice Téjou, happy:

“In fact, for a little while, I play the role of Miss France 2023’s mother. Listen, I’m very proud of it. I believe I’m the happiest mother today.

I’m pretty happy right now. I’m pleased to see the support for Indira that has been shown both in France and Guadeloupe.

She was well surrounded, and she was crowned Miss France last night. And it is a source of pride for us, her family, for me, her mum.

After losing my mum last January, I think it was her star, and she l followed throughout this great adventure to crown her last night, Miss France.”

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