Oliver Twixt

Oliver Twixt is an American rapper, reality T.V. personality, and content creator. He participates in the reality competition called “The Circle.”

Oliver is most well-known among ANTM (America’s Next Top Model) fans for his 2021 Instagram live chats with various contestants and cast members during the series.

Twixt made his television debut in the reality series “Chasing: Atlanta” in 2019. He appeared as a guest on “The TS Madison Experience” and “Chasing: L.A.” in 2020 and 2021. His first mixtape, “Zap The Mixtape,” was released in 2021.

In The Circle, Singles will follow actors who say they are available for relationships as they compete for the attention of their secretive co-stars.

The fifth season of The Circle, hosted by Michelle Buteau and with a fresh romantic twist, will debut on Wednesday, December 28, 2022.

Oliver Twixt Partner: Who Is He Dating?

Oliver Twixt hasn’t revealed anything regarding his girlfriend and relationship status to the public. Twixt has never been married or engaged to anybody. Considering that he joined The Circle, he must search for his partner.

Enticing The Circle as a single and ready-to-date participant has always been beneficial. For those who are single, it helps to find a companion.

To win the cash prize for Season 5, some of these contestants will speak the truth, while others will purposefully appear as a singleton.

As these singles compete to be declared the top influencer, expect more flirtation, conflict, and many surprises, making the show more exciting to watch.

He hopes to discover love while watching the show, just like the other contestants. The brilliant and charming rapper can find the right partner.

Similarly, he expects to fall in love while watching the show. Twixt might be capable of finding his ideal partner.

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Oliver Twixt: Age And Wikipedia

Oliver Twixt is a Hip-hop artist and well-known music personality. Twixt was born in South Florida and started rapping around 2015. Currently, he is participating in the reality show “The Circle” and gaining recognition.

Oliver Twixt
Oliver Twixt with his mother. (Source: Instagram)

There is no mention of Oliver’s parents or other family members. His mother’s photos are occasionally shared on his Instagram account. We can conclude that he has a close relationship with his mother.

Talking about his age, rapper Twixt has not disclosed his birth date. His pictures on social media show he is in his mid-20s.

He began his series in the middle of 2020 after being inspired by Mr. Jay Manuel’s Jays Chat series. The first episode, which debuted on YouTube on August 10, 2020, featured an interview with Dionne Walters.

Oliver Twixt’s personal information is only currently known. Perhaps he would reveal his past in the coming days after the show.

Oliver Twixt Net Worth

Oliver Twixt is a famous music artist, rapper, and reality T.V. personality. He earned his income from music shows, concerts, brand endorsement, and many more.

Oliver Twixt
Oliver Twixt gained his maximum followers from ANTM. (Source: Instagram)

Oliver is thought to have a net worth of between $100k and $ 1 million. His net worth has yet to be extensively covered by sources; therefore, the data could be inaccurate.

He received the title of “Hip-Hop Storyteller of the Year” from the 2015 YGEA Awards and a co-headlining spot at the #A3Cu Showcase, the user-voted portion of A3C 2015, America’s Premier Hip-Hop Conference & Festival.

The number of fans and followers he accumulates after the program may affect his career earnings in the years to come.

He hasn’t revealed any personal details regarding himself or his financial situation. However, given our expectation that he would continue flourishing, he may decide to share it.

Twixt worked as DJ George 2.0’s project assistant at the Wonderland Records label run by Janelle Monae.

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