Omari Douglas

People are curious to know about Omari Doughlas being gay and about his partner Russell Tovey. 

Omari Douglas is rumored to replace Jodie Whittaker, who presently plays The Doctor in the BBC television series Doctor Who because Whittaker will be leaving the show. 

After season 13, he is not the only newcomer; according to rumors, Russell T. Davies, the show’s creator and star of It’s a Sin, will also be back. 

Fans were particularly interested in hearing that Omari Douglas and his supposed partner were working on a new project called “Constellations,” though. Finding out more about this new man in Douglas’s life has become a fan obsession.

In this article, we have gathered and included all the pertinent information regarding Omari Douglas’s current relationship status and her current partner.

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His Instagram handle is evidence of his natural chemistry with Russell Tovey, his co-star. As the first gay couple in this famed romance drama, he has been teasing them about being together.

Meet Omari Douglas Partner Russell Tovey

The BBC’s supernatural comedy-drama Being Human, in which Russell Tovey played the werewolf George Sands, made him a household name in England. 

Additionally, he has starred in Sherlock on BBC and the comedies Him & Her, Looking the History Boys, and Sherlock. Tovey is openly gay, just like Douglas, and was previously dating rugby coach Steve Brockman in 2016. 

They broke up the same year after dating for two years and becoming engaged. Some rumors claim that Steve and Russell are still together and have made amends.

Omari Douglas
Omaro Douglas With His Rumoured Partner (Source: Otaku Kart)

Since Omari Douglas and Russell were romantically related to one another, neither of them has commented on the allegations. They haven’t mentioned anything about their alleged relationship, leading their followers to believe they are dating. 

Their chemistry will be praised even more now that they play a couple in Nick Payne’s newest Constellations revival on the West End. He does, however, have a relationship. 

Then, he would inform his followers of this soon via social media. Stay tuned for more information about his dating life.

Omari Douglas And Russell Tovey Relationship Timeline

According to reports, Omari Douglas is dating Russell Tovey, a gay man. 

The rumors are not very credible, but Omari’s Instagram account has recently been filled with pictures of them.

The fact that Omari and Russell have been spending so much time together is thought to be primarily due to the shared project they have been working on. 

Omari Douglas just posted a picture with the caption, “I’m all praises for Russell and said I’m in great awe of him and dubbed him a wizard.” Since this is not the first time he has acted in this manner, many have begun to wonder whether the two are dating.

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Fans watched them until September 11th on the show.

Theatergoers now got to see a preview of the show instead of just the rehearsal scenes where they were reading from their scripts.

In a beautiful environment, surrounded by glowing balloons and getting quite near to one another, the couple makes an appearance on stage.

The story centers on Omari and Russell’s characters, a quantum physicist and a beekeeper, who meet during a BBQ.

Omari Douglas Career Highlights

Omari Douglas, born and raised in Wolverhampton, England, made his television debut with It’s a Sin, which is currently the 4th most-watched series of all time on Channel. 

He is still in the beginning phases of his profession, which primarily entails theater work, at the age of 27. 

Omari Douglas
Omari Douglas In “It’s A Sin” (Source: Otaku Kart)

His list of achievements is as long as one’s arm and includes performances of Rush at the King’s Head Theatre. Peter Pan at Regent’s Park Open Air, and Jesus Christ Superstar.

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The feature film Midas Man, directed by Douglas, is about the brilliant music manager Brian Epstein. 

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