Onna Chaplin brother Shane Saura Chaplin is a psychologist and actor. He came into the highlight as a half-brother of the famous Onna Chaplin.

Oona Castilla; who is known as Onna Chaplin all over the world, is the granddaughter of the famous actor Charlie Chaplin. She is popular as a Spanish-Swiss Actress.

She was born in Madrid. Just like every emerging actor, Oona Chaplin had to make her own way in the entertainment industry. 

However, her surname helped her gain more attention as she belongs to a family with several talented artists.

It is believed that Chaplin will be appearing in the sequel of the movie ‘Avatar’ which is one of the most viewed and loved movies by audiences.

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Oona Chaplin Brother: Who Is Shane Saura Chaplin?

Oona Chaplin has a half-brother named Shane Saura Chaplin. He is currently 48 years old, as he was born in 1974. Shane is a psychologist by profession. 

Shane has seven siblings along with Oona Chaplin. Some of his siblings are Antonio Saura, Carlos Saura Medrano, and Anna Saura Ramon. To be exact, he has five brothers and two sisters.

O’Neill’s parents and older brother Shane (Source: Wikipedia)

Shane Saura Chaplin is the son of Geraldine Chaplin and her previous husband, Carlos Saura. Shane has also played in the movie ‘Saura’. He also has a child with his partner Carlos Saura. 

Who Are Oona Chaplin Parents? Family Details Explored

Oona Chaplin is a daughter of an American actress Geraldine Leigh Chaplin and a cinematographer, Patricio Castilla. 

She is the only child of her parents but has a half-brother named Shane Saura Chaplin. He is a psychologist. 

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He is born into Geraldine’s previous relationship with Carlos Saura. Oona Chaplin is the granddaughter of the famous actor and filmmaker Charlie Chaplin and an American Actress Oona O’Neill.

Oona Chaplin on a red carpet. (Source: Wikipedia)

 It seems that her name is given after her grandmother Oona O’Neill. Since most of her family members have careers in Hollywood, they are well-known personalities and are known worldwide.

Eugene O’Neill is her great-grandmother, and Mapuche is her paternal grandmother. Onna’s grandfather Charlie Chaplin has made a massive contribution to the entertainment industry.

Oona Chaplin Husband: Is She Married?

Oona Chaplin seems to be a private person about her personal life. She has not revealed much about her love life.

Her only known relationship is her relationship with her ex-boyfriend Alex Lanimpekun. She has not enhanced her conjugal life and hasn’t even confirmed her marital status so far.

Onna seems more concerned about her professional life than her love life. As she is a private person, she probably will try to keep her personal life to herself rather than having everyone know about it. 

Onna Chaplin has played in an LGBTQ+ movie ‘Anchor and hope’ which illustrates that she is a kind, loving, empathetic and supportive human being. It proves that she can be a good wife and a partner. Whoever marries her will probably be proud of her.

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