Peter Caulfield From I Hate Suzie

Peter Caulfield is an English actor and voice-over artist who now has become the talk of the internet after his appearance in the dark comedy British drama television show “I Hate Suzie.”

Peter has worked across various fields, starting with theatres, television shows, movies and even animations.

But his most recent work in the second season of the Sky Atlantic TV series I Hate Suzie Too is giving him quite the fame.

I Hate Suzie is an eight-episode-long television series where Suzie Pickels has to salvage her marriage after a humiliating incident befalls her.

Caulfield plays the role of Ollie in the second season, which aired on Sky Atlantic and HBO Max. In the series, the job of Ollie is to help Suzie dance better for the Dance Crazee.

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How Old Is Peter Caulfield From I Hate Suzie?

Peter Caulfield (born 13th June 1984) is a charismatic and multi-talented British actor and voice-over artist. He was born in Boston and raised in Nottingham, England. 

The 38-year-old actor has appeared in numerous films, television shows and animations. He has played Roy in “MODUS” and Jessie in the Amazon series “Absentia.”

Who is Peter Caulfield From I Hate Suzie_
Peter Caulfield From I Hate Suzie Too (Source: orange)

Peter is also an accomplished vocalist who has voiced Diallos, a character from the renowned video game Elden Ring. He has also voiced Rene in the animated movie After The End.

Caulfield started his career in a small theatre, where he explored his passion for acting and voicing the characters after he graduated with BA (Hons) in acting.

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Who Are Peter Caulfield Wife And Parents?

The actor has not revealed anything about his relationships anywhere. He is very private about his personal life.

And nothing is known to the general public regarding his wife and marital status.

There are no records of people he was romantically involved with on the internet, and the actor has disclosed anything.

Peter Caulfield Spending Time With His Father
Peter Caulfield With His Father (Source: Instagram)

His mother, Joan, is from Essex, England and his father, Shane Caulfield, is from Ireland. Thus, Peter is of English and Irish lineage.

Caulfield seems to have a very deep and emotional attachment with his father. He can be seen with his father now and then in his Instagram posts with very loving captions.

Peter also has brothers, but their identity is still a mystery. He has barely disclosed any information about his parents and brothers on social media.

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What is Peter Caulfield Net Worth in 2022?

Peter Caulfield rose to prominence as Ollie in the dark comedy British drama television show I Hate Suzie Too. Furthermore, he has a very successful career.

His net worth has grown significantly due to his increasing fame. Caulfield’s main source of income is acting alongside his career in voice acting, which is also noteworthy.

Peter Caulfield From I Hate Suzie
Peter Caulfield From I Hate Suzie (Source: brown)

There are no credible sources regarding his net worth. But considering his successful career, we can speculate the 38-year-old actor’s estimated net worth is around $1 Million – $2 Million.

For the information to be more precise, official sources must cover Caulfield’s net worth.

Caulfield himself hasn’t revealed any personal or financial information.

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