Reza Diako

Reza Diako is a bilingual Actor now becoming well-known due to the British dark comedy-drama television series “I Hate Suzie.”

Reza Diako has worked in independent theater and film productions since 2014. He participated in an international cast as a performer in the Phoenix & the Crow, an Edinburgh Fringe Festival production, in 2017.

The series I Hate Suzie launched on NOW TV and Sky Atlantic on August 27, 2020. On November 19, HBO Max broadcasted the U.S. premiere. A second season of “I Hate Suzie Too” was scheduled on February 19, 2021, and it debuted on Sky Atlantic on December 20, 2022.

The television series is based on the life of Suzie Pickles, a former adolescent music star. Suzie struggles to preserve her marriage to Cob and save her deaf son Frank after her phone is hacked and embarrassing photographs of her are exposed.

 Reza Diako is playing the character of Zak Khalif in the series. Watch “I Hate Suzie Too” to know more about Reza’s character in the series.

How Old Is Reza Diako From I Hate Suzie?

Reza Diako is a prominent Actor born in Geneva, Switzerland, on May 6, 1993. As of [current-year], he is [calculate_years datestring=”05/06/1993″] years old.

Reza Diako
Reza Diako is a part of ‘I Hate Suzie Too.’ (Source: IMDb)

Reza has appeared in several movies and series and started his acting career in his early life. He is now acting in the roles of Basir on the Netflix Drama The Diplomat and Zak in the second season of HBO Max and Sky Atlantic’s I Hate Suzie.

While still in school, Reza started to perform in productions. He studied psychology at Queen Mary University in London when he was 18.

He later completed his master’s degree in mental health studies at King’s College in London.

Additionally, Diako can already be seen playing Shahin in both seasons of Tehran, an Apple TV Original Drama that won an International Emmy Award.

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Reza Diako Girlfriend And Parents Detail

Talking about Reza Diako’s married life, he has not revealed anything about it. Nothing is known regarding his girlfriend and relationship status to the public.

Diako was to Iranian parents, a painter and a businessman. Reza’s parent’s identity is not disclosed on any media sites. Also, he has not posted a single picture or post about his family member.

He migrated to Tehran, Iran when he was five years old with his parents and older sister. At the age of twelve, the family relocated to Vienna, Austria, and three years later, they again settled in London.

Along this journey, Diako attended ten schools, including an international school in London, an American Christian school in Vienna, and public and private schools in Tehran.

It exposed Diako to various cultures and backgrounds at a very young age, influencing his acting and project choices today.

How Much Net Worth Does Reza Diako Earn?

Reza Diako, a young up-and-coming Actor, has gained popularity for playing Zak Khalif in the television series “I Hate Suzie Too.” In addition, he has participated in a variety of dramas, films, and television shows.

Reza Diako
Reza Diako is attending Rain Dance Film Festival. (Source: Instagram)

Sources still need to make his earnings or net worth public. His primary source of income comes from his profession as an Actor.

Reza’s current net worth is expected to be between $100k and $1 million. He has a great career and will soon make more money.

Sources still need to cover Reza’s net worth; thus, this information needs to be more accurate. He hasn’t disclosed any private information about himself or his finances.

In his personal life, he donates his time to two organizations that work with autistic young people and supports those contemplating suicide.

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