Richard Ramirez

Many people wonder if the American serial killer Richard Ramirez has any kids. He was in a relationship with two women while he was in prison. 

Richard Ramirez is known as a night stalker, valley intruder, and walk-in killer. The American serial killer’s crime spree occurred in California between June 1984 and August 1985.

In 1989, the judge convicted and sentenced him to death. Ramirez terrorized the citizen of Greater Los Angeles with a home invasion and murder spree.

Later, he moved to the San Francisco Bay area, where he continued his crime. The notorious killer enjoyed frequently degrading and humiliating his victims.

He was convicted of 13 counts of murder, five attempted murders, 11 sexual assaults, and 14 burglaries. Richard was given nineteen death sentences, which the judge maintained, describing his acts as “cruelty, callousness, and viciousness beyond any human understanding.”

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Did Richard Ramirez Have Kids?

Richard Ramirez did not have any kids. He was never married to anyone before he got arrested.

While he never had children, Ramirez had a very problematic childhood. He was the fifth and youngest kid of five born in El Paso, Texas.

His father, Julián, was an alcoholic prone to fits of anger. He often physically abused his wife and children.

At age 10, Ramirez started smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol. Ramirez was also strongly influenced by his older cousin, Miguel (“Mike”) Ramirez, a serial killer and rapist.

Richard Ramirez American Serial killer
Richard Ramirez died because of natural causes while he was in death row (Source: CBS News)

He was also there when Mike fatally killed his wife, shooting her with a handgun in her face. Moreover, he would also listen to his cousin’s gruesome war crime stories.

When he got into his adolescence, he blended his burgeoning sexual fantasies with graphic violence and more. His fantasies included vicious things like forced bondage/BDSM, murder, mutilation, and rape.

Richard Ramirez Was Married To His Wife, Doreen Lioy

Richard Ramirez got married to his wife Doreen Lioy, in 1996. At the time, he was in prison for his convicted crimes.

However, Lioy believed he was innocent and fell in love with him. She was a freelance teenage magazine editor from Burbank.

Back in 1985, she sent her dozens of love letters while he was waiting for his trial. The relationship between the duo started developing when she visited him in prison four times a week.

When the couple tied the knot, Ramirez was on death row in California’s San Quentin State Prison. Lioy’s family disowned her after she started her relationship with the serial killer.

Moreover, her twin sister called it unfortunate that she was linked to him. She finally ended everything with him 13 years later.

Doreen Lioy was married to Richard
Doreen Lioy married the notorious night Staker Richard (Source: Movie Maker)

She decided after the detectives discovered DNA evidence connecting him to the 1984 rape & murder of a nine-year-old child.

Lioy has never publically spoken about her marriage with him since their separation in 2009. She also gave no statement when he died in 2013 due to natural causes.

Family Life Of Richard Ramirez

On February 29, 1960, Richard Ramirez was born to his parents. In El Paso, Texas, he was the youngest child growing up.

Ramirez’s father, Julián, was a Mexican national and former Ciudad Juárez policeman. He later became a laborer on the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railway.

Meanwhile, the details of his mother are unavailable at the moment. He also had an older sister, Ruth, with whom he stayed for a while.

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