Ruth Llopis

Ruth Llopis is one of the cast members of the Netflix series Smiley. She plays the character of Núria in the new Spanish romantic comedy series. 

The series is an adaptation of Guillem Clua’s theatrical play under the same name. Albert Triola and Ramon Pujol performed the play on the stage.

The production company Minoria Absoluta first wanted to shoot the entire series in Catalan. However, they later shot with the subplot involving Eduardo Lloveras and Llopis using Catalan.

The series is based on Àlex, a bartender in Barcelona who leaves a long message to his ex. Meanwhile, the message accidentally goes to Bruno, the foundation of the entire series.

While you will be following Ruth’s performance on-screen, here is what we know about the Actress.

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Who Is Ruth Llopis From Smiley?

Ruth Llopis is a Spanish Actress known for her appearance in the Smiley. Before that, she appeared on Mirage, The Invisible Guest, and El rei borni.

She was born to her parents on March 20, 1980, in Menorca, Spain. Before she started her acting career, Ruth went to Nancy Tuñón Studio in Barcelona from 2007 to 2011.

Ruth Llopis
Spanish actress who is best known for Valeria Season 2 (Source: antena3)

Ruth also joined NLP Course for Theater with Robert Long at Estudi Laura Jou In 2015. Llopis got her first acting credit from the 2010 TV Mini-Series “Freddy.”

She started getting wide recognization from the television program “Sicília sense morts” (TV Movie). Apart from that, she is also a commercial model and a television personality.

Does Ruth Llopis Have A Husband? Her Family

Fans of Ruth are curious about both her personal and professional lives. She is a young Actress from Spain. She is not in a relationship and is not married.

Ruth is from a famous Spanish family. Her mother’s and Father’s names are absent from both listings, and neither of his siblings’ names can be found.

Ruth began acting in TV series when she was a little child. She plays a Spanish Actress in the TV program. She works in various jobs, but acting is her main profession.

Ruth Llopis Net Worth

Although Ruth’s exact net worth is unknown, between 2021 and 2022, her wealth increased significantly. Llopis is a well-known Actress who has gained wide recognition from the new Netflix series.

She is open and honest about her compensation, perks, financial condition, and wealth. Her current financial condition shows her net worth between $2 and $3 million (approx).

Despite only recently beginning her career as a professional Actor, she has already made significant progress. She will undoubtedly earn a million dollars, if not significantly more if she keeps acting in this way.

Ruth Llopis On “Smiley” – 2022

In 2022, Ruth recently appeared in the movie “Smiley.” This movie is a comedy and romance. Marta Pahissa, Guillem Clua, and David Martin Porras are the writers and directors of this movie.

And Eduardo Lloveras, Miki Esparbé, and Carlos Cuevas make up most of the film’s cast. The “Smiley” movie has released on December 7, 2022.

Smiley- 2022
‘Smiley’ (2022) Netflix Series (Source:

Lex calls his boyfriend in a rage after having a bad love experience, and Bruno answers the phone. This mistake brings them together, and what begins as a date becomes more as a result.

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