Sherri Papini Children

The woman who faked her kidnapping has been sentenced to 18 months in jail. Her husband and Sherri Papini children are still recovering from the traumatizing past.

Sherri Papini, the woman from Northern California, came home on Thanksgiving. She reported that she had been abducted and initiated a worldwide hunt for her supposed abductors.

Sherri was initially believed to have gone jogging and disappeared near California. Regardless, on November 2016, she was found approximately 150 miles from her home.

Nonetheless, Papini admitted to fabricating the entire narrative and arranging the episode.

Keith Papini, her husband, released a statement describing the happenings as unexpected and unfortunate.

“My current priorities include moving on and doing all in my power to provide my two children with a normal, healthy, and happy existence,” he added.

So, what her husband and Sherri Papini’s children are up to now?

Violet Papini And Tyler Papini: Sherri Papini Children from Husband Keith

Sherri and her husband, Keith Papini, have two children together. They have a daughter, Violet Papini, and a son Tyler Papini.

Sherri Papini’s children, Tyler, age 2, and Violet, age 4, were quite little when their mother was (fake) abducted. The children were scared and confused, knowing on November 6, 2016.

Sherri Papini Children
Photos from the Sherri Papini abduction investigation. (Source: 6abc)

There was a lingering question on their minds, “Why didn’t their mother come to pick them up from the daycare?”

Sadly, when the father, Keith, took the children home, the young, innocent souls, unknowing of their malicious antic, must have been eager for their mother, Sherri’s, whereabouts.

As of 2022, the oldest of the Sherri Papini children, Violet, is nine years old and the youngest son is 7.

Though the couple split up on March 2022, it wasn’t until the mother was sentenced to jail for a kidnapping hoax that the Sherri Papini children’s father filed for divorce.

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Furthermore, Keith Papini demands sole custody of the children, Violet and Tyler. Likely, the mother who faked her kidnapping hasn’t seen the children since April 2022.

Likewise, Keith calls Sherri a disgraced mom for traumatizing her family. Her former husband, David Dreyfus, probably sighs in relief that they separated in 2006 and no harm was done to him.

The father of Sherri Papini’s children further appealed in court filings that Sherri has mental problems and is incapable of parenting Violet and Tyler.

Violet Papini and Tyler Papini have been in the press eyes since they were young. However, the good father, Keith, still has kept the children from unnecessary interaction with the media.

What Is The Bitter Reality Of Sherri Papini Kidnapping Case?

Initially, Papini vanished while running one mile from her home in Redding, California.

Three weeks after her disappearance, people found Sherri tied with chains on the side of County Road 17 in Yolo County. It is roughly 150 miles from where she was reported to have gone.

She claimed that her kidnappers had released her.

Sherri Papini took multiple measures to create scars on herself to support the detailed deception that she was abducted and tortured by two Hispanic women. You can find the triggering footage on the internet.

A video of Sherri being questioned by police while Keith stood by her side has also recently been made public. In the video, Sherri claims, “I did nothing wrong.”

Despite police telling Sherri Papini they had DNA evidence proving she had been hiding out with her ex-boyfriend James Reyes, Papini repeatedly rejected the self-kidnapping.

Therefore, Papini was with her ex-boyfriend, James Reyes, at his home in Costa Mesa, California. But, the authorities didn’t accuse Reyes of the wrongdoings.

Six weeks after her arrest on March 6, 2022, she pleaded guilty to self-kidnapping.

Consequences Of The Kidnapping Hoax

The hypocritical woman may have wanted to go viral and game fame with the fake kidnapping case.

However, Sherri pled guilty to federal crimes earlier this year. According to CNN, Keith Papini filed for divorce and sole custody of their two children shortly after.

Sherri Papini Children
Missing person notice regarding Sherri Papini. (Source: Law & Crime)

She urged the court for sympathy before her sentencing. But, the court sentenced Sherri to 18 months in jail.

However, Shasta County Sheriff Michael Johnson grimaced, “In my opinion, she still got off quite lightly.”

Sherri Papini’s sister has also accused her, “Sadly, despite what she has said to the media, she feels no sorrow or shame for the untold devastation she has caused,” Sheila Marie Koester said on Facebook.

Victim playing had led Sherri to benefit monetarily as well. A GoFundMe effort garnered more than $49,000 to assist the family. In addition to the victim’s compensation, she must return approximately $128,000 in disability benefits.

In a plea agreement with federal prosecutors, she agreed to pay more than $300,000 in restitution. For the offenses, she faces 18 months in prison.

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