Talia Jackson Boyfriend

Since Netflix’s Family Reunion actress Talia Jackson stated Cooper Noriega of being her boyfriend, the internet has been in chaos. 

However, the dead Cooper cannot simply come back to uncover the truth regarding Talia Jackson’s Boyfriend allegation.

Family Reunion star Talia Jackson is an actress, singer, composer, model, and social media celebrity from the United States.

Likewise, she is a recording artist who co-writes and produces all her songs with her brother Armani Jackson, who stars in the new Jeff Davis program Wolf Pack on Paramount Plus.

The TikTok star has starred in multiple films, television, theater, and commercials.

Though Talia started auditions for acting at the young age of 7, she got to initiate her acting career in a proper well-facilitated production until 2017.

Talia Jackson portrays Jade McKellan in the three-time NAACP award-winning Netflix program Family Reunion. The ongoing series is currently in Season 2.

In Season 1 Part 2, she sings and acts in a music video.

Was Cooper Noriega Talia Jackson Boyfriend?

Cooper Noriega was a renowned TikTok creator who died in June 2022 at 19.

Talia Jackson had come out months after the 19-year-old’s death to say that she and the TikToker were in a hidden relationship before the latter died.

The actress went on her TikTok and posted a video claiming Cooper Noriega was Talia Jackson’s Boyfriend.

Talia Jackson Boyfriend
Talia Jackson faces backlash for claiming to have dated Cooper Noriega. (Source: Pinterest)

Talia used the sound of someone reading a negative comment aloud in her video, as she captioned her video, “I read my comments after I posted a video grieving over my boyfriend’s death.”

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In a comment section of the deleted video, she wrote, “Nobody ‘skipped chapters.'”

For the benefit of both our ex-partners’ feelings and other people’s perceptions, Talia continued, “We just had a private relationship and kept everything off the internet.”

Sadly, she removed the original video on TikTok. However, TikTokRoom, an Instagram gossip page, screen-recorded the same and shared a video detailing further.

Netizens have filled the comment area with insults since then. They didn’t favor Cooper Noriega being Talia Jackson Boyfriend. The folks think she just wanted clout.

Is Rumored Talia Jackson Boyfriend A Publicity Stunt?

Many people said the TikToker posted the video to get “clout.”

Internet people constantly criticized Jackson on social media and did not pity the 21-year-old.

Talia Jackson Boyfriend

TikTokRoom’s commenters’ reaction towards Talia Jackson Boyfriend allegation on Cooper Noriega. (Source: Instagram)While this was happening, several online users begged the social media influencer to let the dead be in peace and leave Cooper out of her mouth.

The video has triggered a flood of criticism directed towards Jackson on social media.

Furthermore, in the comments underneath the since-deleted video, Talia discussed the event in greater detail, writing in response to a critical comment.

“He wanted to post us, and I didn’t. I was the one who wanted to respect Sab. Kinda weird as h*ll that you commented that like you even knew him?”

Most commenters added Sabrina Quesada “Sab,” Cooper’s ex-wife/best friend, denied the allegation. No wonder many people are accusing her of lying about her alleged connection with Noriega.

Former Talia Jackson Boyfriend Uncovered The Truth

Additionally, Jackson’s ex-boyfriend and fellow TikToker Mason Hilton posted a video online to show screenshots of emails he allegedly exchanged with his ex-girlfriend and ex-Talia’s mother.

Mason, “that “As far as Cooper, nothing is going on there. I’ve been trying to help him.” However, this video of Mason is also deleted.

Tati McQuay, a content producer, attacked Hilton’s TikTok video. She digs at the latter in the comments: “Pretending Cooper was your friend. You’re mad because he snatched your girl?”

However, this is not the first time accusations that Jackson and Cooper dated before his death has surfaced.

After the news broke during the summer, Talia’s mother revealed in a TikTok remark that her daughter dated Cooper.

The issue hasn’t been resolved yet. And, because of how Noriega’s picture was handled after his death, people on TikTok continue to be angry and speculative about it.

Relationship Timeline With Talia Jackson Boyfriend

She has at least a few past relationships. Talia Jackson has never been engaged or married. Talia Jackson, like other celebrities, prefers to keep her personal and romantic life secret.

The social media influencer Mason Hilton is one of Talia Jackson’s Boyfriends. However, it is not given anywhere when they dated and parted ways.

We’ve already heard of Cooper Noriega being the actress Talia Jackson Boyfriend through her. However, the issue itself still needs to be resolved.

The conflict over “Talia Jackson lying” arises because the deceased cannot speak for themselves or fight for their just cause.

Who Is The Newly Rumored Boyfriend?

The latter rumor is the young actress Talia Jackson has reportedly been dating someone.

Most people believe Talia Jackson is engaged to Chase Liefeld, the upcoming Wolf Pack actor.

Talia Jackson Boyfriend
Talia Jackson with rumored boyfriend, Chase Liefeld. (Source: Celebs In Depth)

However, the rumor is not supported by any concrete evidence.

Talia is also quite open about her personal life, giving off-hand suggestions about a potential relationship but never going clean.

Some fans have decided to fill the informational gap by spreading various rumors.

Based on a tag on a romantic date photo that seemed to show the two together, Talia Jackson is said to be dating actor Chase Liefeld.

Are Chase Liefeld And Talia Jackson Still Together?

Though it’s just speculation from the people Chase Liefeld and Talia Jackson might’ve broken up.

On November 22, 2020, Talia uploaded a photo to her Instagram account with the caption, “learned to love me now I don’t need anybody else.”

Many people think that Chase Liefeld took the picture and that they had a romantic connection.

Some commenters said that the only description of her purported boyfriend on her Instagram page was that she was nasty.

We also found a photo of the supposed couple on Chase’s Instagram account.

It was shot on October 21, 2019, showing the two of them posing for a photo.

Talia nor Chase didn’t speak about the caption or the comments section because neither was very interesting.

Talia could have posted a breakup note on November 22; they had been dating for a year.

You would have to mainly depend on rumor and speculation if you attempted to call Talia Jackson’s Boyfriend, Chase.

Even though Talia and Chase dated for a while, it seems like their relationship is over now, and she will be alone for now despite Chase’s recent post that included his potential partner.

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