Tavi Gevinson Boyfriend

Gossip Star Tavi Gevinson is a talented actress-singer-author who started her career before her teens. Since her story in The Infinite Diaries, rumors regarding Ezra Koening being Tavi Gevinson Boyfriend circulated.

Tavi Gevinson is an actor, writer, and magazine editor from the United States. Her fashion blog, Style Rookie, brought her to national prominence when she was 12.

She had turned her concentration by 15 to pop culture and feminist debate. She began frequently acting in 2013 and is presently starring in the revamped edition of HBO’s Gossip Girl.

Only a few years later, Gevinson established and became editor-in-chief of Rookie Magazine, an online magazine primarily focused on teenage girls.

Is Ezra Koenig Tavi Gevinson Boyfriend?

Likely, Ezra Koenig is not Tavi Gevinson Boyfriend. Furthermore, they’ve never officially dated before.

Vampire Weekend Ezra Koenig was assumed to be linked in one of the personal essays, “The Infinity Diaries.” No wonder rumors regarding Tavi Gevinson Boyfriend aros.

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Tavi Gevinson Boyfriend
Rumored Tavi Gevinson Boyfriend, Ezra Koening. (Source: Rolling Stone)

Published in 2016, Tavi pens down the Man she went on a date with when she was 18 in “The Infinity Diaries.”

Tavi describes she wore a B & W striped turtleneck, a gray pleated skirt, white platforms, and a clear plastic pink purse.

photo of Tavi Gevinson and Ezra Koenig together appears to verify the relationship between the two, with Gevinson wearing the dress she described in the article.

However, as Ezra Koenig, the said Man was in his 30s when he dated 18-year-old Tavi.

The Reddit post concluded that much of the evidence lines up and that he most likely did not have good intentions with the growing adult.

Did Ezra Koening Sexually Manipulate Teen Tavi Gevinson?

In “The Infinity Diaries,” Tavi discusses her dating experience with an older man who was 30 years old (she was 18 at the time).

Tavi claims he frequently used her for sex and pushed her sexual boundaries. She claims that this individual preyed on her while she was inebriated and frequently pressured her into having sex.

She also claims that he is now the father of a child. Guess who? Ezra Koenig. He is currently dating actress Rashida Jones and has a son.

Tavi Gevinson Boyfriend
On March 24, 2016, Rashida Jones and Ezra Koenig are present at the UCLA IOES celebration of the Champions of our Planet’s Future in Beverly Hills, California. (Source: Billboard)

The Reddit user r/VampireWeekend has written in much detail regarding Ezra Koening being the possible Man, a sexual abuser, in Tavi Gevinson writing.

Although she has yet to publicly accuse Ezra, all indications in her articles point to him.

Relationship History of Gossip Girl Star

Tavi Gevinson has had one relationship till now.

Tavi Gevinson Boyfriend
Tavi Gevinson on HBO’s Gossip Girl remake. (Source: Product Placement Blog)

Rookie launched a book of collected essays in January 2018. Gevinson’s report focused on her then-boyfriend Sam.

We only know that former Tavi Gevison Boyfriend worked for an educational non-profit.

Sam is “sane and witty and brilliant, and more supportive of every idiotic notion I blurt out and everything I do than I could imagine any one person being, according to Gevinson in her article.

Later on, Ezra Koening was rumored to be Tavi Gevinson Boyfriend through connecting dots from her article “The Infinite Diaries.”

As we move on, relating to Ezra Koening as Tavi Gevinson Boyfriend is much more humiliating for a sexual assault survivor. Tavi Gevinson is perhaps in a relationship.

She mentioned that she spent time at her home and her boyfriend’s during one of her interviews.

She hasn’t mentioned her boyfriend on social media, so we don’t know much about him.

How Much Net Worth Has Tavi Gevinson earned?

The estimated net worth of the American author-actress-singer Tavi Gevinson is $7 million.

Tacvi Gevinson Boyfriend
Tavi Gevinson Photo by Michael Loccisano (Source: Getty Images)

Her career began before she was in her teens, owing to her acting, writing, modeling, and the foundation of Rookie magazine.

She owes her money to wise stock investments, large real estate holdings, modeling, and lucrative endorsement partnerships with CoverGirl cosmetics.

Tavi has also been named on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list, while no specific net worth has been disclosed.

With her new position on Gossip Girl, Tavi’s net worth is expected to climb as the seasons go.

Many Tavi fans have been waiting for her glorious comeback to her golden days for eternity.

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