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People are looking out for Tom Hanks being in jail as his son Chet Hanks has been alleged of a spiral down with drugs, violence, and white supremacy accusations.

Actor and director Thomas Jeffrey Hanks hail from the United States. He is one of the world’s most well-known and recognizable movie performers and an American cultural icon. 

He is known for both his severe and humorous parts. Hanks is the fourth-highest-grossing actor in North America. With over $4.9 billion in domestic box office receipts and over $9.96 billion worldwide.

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Hanks’ breakthrough came in many comedic movies with prominent leading parts, including Splash, The Money Pit, Big, and A League of Their Own. 

He received two consecutive Academy Awards for Best Actor for playing the lead roles in Forrest Gump and a gay lawyer with AIDS in Philadelphia. 

Tom Hanks In Jail: What Did He Do? Arrests And Charges

No, Tom Hanks is not in jail, as the actor lives without controversy. 

Tom Hanks is much more than just a well-known Actor at age 64.

Hanks is portrayed as a public figure who is more than just an actor and crosses generations. Additionally, he acts as the nation’s beloved father figure.

Chester Hanks’ only relationship with his father is through his last name and profession. His role models have included Colin, a well-known actor; Elizabeth, a writer; and Truman, the youngest.

Chester, also known as Chet Haze in the rap world, has dabbled in television with recent episodes of Your Honor or Empire. 

Still, he has dominated more articles in sensational media like TMZ than in the pages of the specialized media Variety, dragging a long history of controversies that have grown in intensity in recent months.

Tom Hanks
Tom Hanks Photo Shoot (Source: Instagram)

Hanks’ most recent ex-girlfriend, Kiana Parker, allegedly protested to the court about his physical and verbal abuse and requested and received a restraining order, according to a report in People magazine.

According to the young woman, the recent end of her romantic connection resulted in a pattern of sexist abuse.

Moreover, he “threatened her with a pistol on many occasions, flung objects at her, and used different racist slurs,” the complaint claims.

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The actor only recently accused her in writing of robbery and assault when a video of him purportedly bleeding excessively online surfaced after she allegedly slashed him with a knife, according to Hanks.

As the allegations mounted, Chet Hanks used the media interest to release the first images of his upcoming rap album, White Boy Summer.

With his toned and inked body on display, Hanks appears surrounded by bikini-clad ladies twerking and drinking from their buttocks.

Tom Hanks Previous Controversy

Twitter users are disseminating what seems to be a screenshot of a British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) article announcing Tom Hanks’ arrest.

However, the photograph has been digitally altered; the news item did not appear on the news agency’s website.

Remember this: Tom Hanks’ imprisonment was briefly mentioned on the BBC website on November 27, 2022. According to a tweet with more than 24,700 likes.

The alleged headline in the image sent along with the tweet reads, “Tom Hanks arrested in 135 charges of child porn possession.”

An image of a tweet from November 30, 2022.

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Also, the BBC website’s image has been digitally manipulated, and the headline, which initially appeared in 2021, is false.

A representative of a British station told AFP, “I can confirm this is bogus and was not posted by BBC News.”

The story cannot be found on the BBC News website by searching for the headline.

A Google keyword search turns up a blog post from June 20, 2021, that offers a less pixelated version of the edited image. 

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