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Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, papped for the first time after their Oscar feud.
The couple strolled in Malibu with their kids, Willard IV (who goes by Trey), 20, and daughter Willow, 19, as they enjoyed lunch together.
The group also included inner circle friends, including Will’s son Trey, 20, and Jada’s daughter, Jaden, 20.
Since the incident, Jada and Will have been spotted separately with their respective kids and also spotted together. Still, now we see them together in public for the first time since that infamous Oscars slap that got the entire world talking.

Jada and will with kids
Jada and will with kids

The slap incited mixed reactions among celebrities and fans although he was the best to them. While Chris Rock was on stage that night and laughed off the incident, host Neil Patrick Harris later said he found the incident “uncomfortable.”
And according to People, immediately after Will struck Chris, the audience started booing.

As the couple enjoyed their lunch on Saturday, Jada, 50, opted for a pair of ripped jeans, a hoodie, a cream-colored Puffer Jacket, and a pair of Chuck Taylor All-Star sneakers to complete her look.
Jada carried a pair of oversized dark sunglasses with her as she strutted into the restaurant.
Will arrived in a pair of brown leather slacks, a cream-colored, tailored blazer, and a couple of brown slip-on shoes.
As they left Nobu Malibu, Will and Jada carried a couple of shopping bags filled with what appeared to be a few items of clothing or other personal items.
As they left, Will and Jada walked to their car hand in hand.

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The Executive Committee Of The Oscars Ban Will Smith

will smith slaps chris
Will Slaps Chris Rock

The committee Executive Board of Directors have later decided to ban Will Smith after the incident for 10 years.
According to a source, Rock asked Smith why he couldn’t play with him, and Smith said, “I’m a celebrity; you’re a comedian.”
Earlier, Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, took to Facebook says she would not attend the Oscars and that the show was “being run by the WHITE MAN.”
A third source told us, “The fact that Rock was not banned shows the Academy has a double standard. There should be no one bigger than the Oscars.”
According to an insider, Academy President Cheryl Boone Isaacs was “furious” with Smith, and she called an emergency meeting.
According to a source, a non-stop profanity-laced tirade against Rock. The worst thing I’ve ever seen. Leaving everyone embarrassed.”
Smith, who has two teenage kids with Pinkett Smith, didn’t apologize for his outburst.
The board also banned director N—Jay Petrequin from attending Academy events for five years. Petrequin, behind the camera for the presentation Smith made on behalf of the nominees for Best Picture via satellite.
For the first time in its 94-year history, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has banished a former Oscar nominee to the outer darkness. The movie industry’s leading group of film professionals has told one of the front-runners to the prize of the best actor (for his role in Concussion ) that he’s persona non grata among the Oscar elite due to his boorish and bullying behavior. It is easy to mock the Academy’s decision to punish Will Smith, but it is also the right decision. The Academy sends the message that it will not tolerate such boorish and childish behavior which could be misleading.

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